the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


5. 5

Luke's POV


As we walked to the store, i couldn't help but look over at Jamie. She was beautiful!!

Wait what?? Luke shut up! You cant fall in love with a girl you met about 5 minuets ago! She could be a total bitch for all you know!


Ashton's POV


when we got to the store, we went to the paint section and helped Jamie pick the colours. She wanted a black themed room. she also wanted to get some band posters for the walls too. The boys and i helped her pick the best ones and then we went and payed.

* skips paying *

Jamie's POV

As we were walking back i had an idea!

" hey guys? I was wandering, please could you help me paint my walls. My mum is never really in and i cant do it all by my self."

" i don't know about the others but I'm definitely in!!" Luke said

All the others agreed in excitement.

"YEY!! Come on you guys!!"

Calum's POV

We walked into Jamie's house and went upstairs to her bed room. It was very plain with only a bed and a few boxes here and there. But all was about to change...

God i sound like i'm reading a story!! Lol anyway. We moved the boxes into the hall way and put loads of newspaper on the floor and set to work. There were 4 walls.

Wall 1- jamie and ash

Wall 2- me

Wall 3- michael

Wall 4-  luke

Ashton's POV

We listened to music as we worked working through the whole of nickleback, Blink and green day's ablums. By the time we had done half a wall each, we decided it was time for a break.

Jamie got some snacks and brought them up to her room where we were waiting. Its funny really, i feel as if we have known Jamie for years not a few hours!!

////////////5th chapter :)



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