the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


4. 4

Jamie's POV

As i walked back to my house, i dropped the paint and it smashed all over the floor.

"Ahhh shit!"

Ashtons POV

"Ahhh shit!"

What was that?? I looked out the window and saw a girl. She looked like she has dropped her paint everywhere.

"LUKE! CALUM! MICHAEL!! COME HERE!!!" i shouted and they all sped down the stairs

"What ash?" Michael asked

"That hot chick over there has dropped her paint. Lets all go and help her!!"


Jamie's POV

As i was picking up the last paint bottles, some boys got there before me. I looked up.

" hi my name is ashton but you can call me ash!"

The blond one said.

"This is Michael, Calum and Luke!"

"Ummm...hi I'm Jamie. I just moved here from England."

"Hi Jamie!! Where do you live, we will help you bring these paint bottles to your house and then help you buy some new ones!" I think it was michael that said that.

"Thank You very much guys! Erm... I live right on the corner there."

I pointed over to my house.

" hey you live across from us! Come on lets get on" i think that time it was Calum that said that.

We walked across to mine and put the bottles in the bin and then we set off to get some more paint.

/////////////// chapter 4 thx for reading :) sorry its short

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