the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


2. 2

Jamie's POV

"Jamie!...Jamie wake up! The pilot said that we need to put our seat belts on now. We will be landing very soon."

My eyes adjusted to the surroundings of the plane. I looked at my watch as i sat up and put on my belt. It read 10 am. I had already set it to Sydney's time before we left England so i have no idea what time it is in England. Its probably like 2 am or something. GOD DAMM JETLAG!

The time flew by and before i knew it we had landed. As we went to collect out bags, i looked around. This place is nothing like England!

* skip passport patrol and all that stuff *

As the taxi rolled up and we got in i managed to text Jaisie from England. Jaisie and i have been best friends for like ever and always! People used to call us the jj twins!!

The drive wasnt long and as the the taxi stopped, i hopped out and ran into our new home.

//////////// second chapter! What do you think? :)

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