the new girl in town

Jamie has moved from England to Australia, started a new school and theres these boys next door....


11. 11

Jays pov


I woke up and just wanted to scream. The alarm is the last thing i want to listen to. I get up and get dresses, i do my hair and i skip breakfast. I hear a knock on my door so i get my bag and leave with the boys. They try to make conversation with me but i don't speak. I can see its hurting them but if i speak, i know the tears will come pouring out.


Michaels POV

I feel so bad for what happened! I just want to give her a hug but jay isn't a one for sympathy.

We got to school and jay went to her locker. I went to my first class which was maths and i waited for jay to arrive. After half and hour, she hadn't turned up so i decided to go and look for her. I couldn't find her anywhere.

"JAY? JAMIE??? WHERE ARE YOU?" I shouted down the halls.

It then came to me. I started to run, faster and faster. Out of the school grounds i finally came to the cliff forest. I ran straight to the tree house to find jay crying her eyes out.

"OMG jay!!" I said

i finally managed to get her to come back to school but i couldn't get her to speak. we walked down the halls and into the class while everyone stared. the teacher walked out to get something.

"what the fuck you all staring at? have i got something on my face. all of you you just fuck off!" Jamie shouted

"jay, calm down." i said to her holding her shoulder.

she tensed and then relaxed again and sat down next to me. 

after school she still wouldn't talk to any of us. we walked home in silence. jamie walked into her house and slammed the door. she didn't even say bye to us. i feel as if she has forgotten us. even though we know the situation, she wont stop ignoring us. :(

//////////////////////////////12th chapter  

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