Something about Him (5SOS Punk FanFic) (ON HOLD)

Having a Punk Senior Brother (Ashton Irwin) may not be bad after all


2. The Rehearsal

Christas P.O.V

I cant believe what I got myself into, I signed up for the Slave Fundraiser but I didnt believe this would happen!!!!!!! I didnt't think they would change the rules, I thought the rules would be the same forever well I guess I was wrong, Idk what to do now. All I know is I have to get dressed and get to school with Elicia.This is scary I have to tell Elicia.

"Hey Elicia,whats up" I asked

"Oh nothing" She said

*We start driving to school*

"Hey did you get that weird email about the Slave Fundraiser" She asked me

"Yeah, Actually I was going to ask you about that, Dont you think thats weird" I asked her

"Yeah totally, Hey lets get to school so we can get called sluts and get whistled at by boys" She said and we laughed

"Hey Queen Punk"Luke said

"Nothing whats up" I replied


We all walked into school, as a group of course I was first.I got called a slut, and boys were like jaw dropping as I walked past them.Luke of course pinched my butt and I slapped him it was funny. We got to homeroom and everyone got up out of their seats and bowed at my presence I laughed and said just because Im queen you dont have to bow but I enjoy it :). Anyways, the bell rang for lunch and today was a special day it was a 2 hour lunch special, yay! So we just had a conversation as a group.

"So did ashton tell you guys about the email"I asked them

"Yeah, thats so weird" Michael said

"IKR" I said

"But why did they add an extra year! Whats the purpose of an extra year!"Michael asked

"IDK" I replied

Anyways this person pulled me into the Hallway and gave me this letter and it said:

Dear Ms.Queen Punk,

Rehearsals are today in the gym, you have a sluttier outfit then the rest of the girls so make sure you change before you get here. Rip this message after u read it.

Sincerely, The Slave Fundraiser

I pretended to rip the letter, I went back and showed the boys. They said thats super weird. They said just to go to rehearsal, and that we would me up later and hang, I said ok.

*Time Skip to rehearsal*

Ok, I changed into this outfit and its crazy. I don't get why I have the slutty outfit. I walk into the gym and they all bow down to me.

"Thanks guys, but seriously you don't have to bow down to me" I said

"Wow, I thought this was a prank," Valery said "I thought Queen Punk wasn't actually joining I thought it was a rumor or a prank"

"Nope, it is me the actual Queen Punk" I said

So they had us line up, of course I was last. They said we had to blow a kiss or something so what I did was I waved and the blew a kiss.

"Wow I like your style Ms.Queen Punk" Val said

"Please, you and only you can call me Christa" I said

Val screamed, it was so funny  guess it was a real honor to her. So we all got on the bus and headed home. What a day.

I got a text from Luke it said; Hey Party at Michaels at 7, Need a ride?

I texted him back and said: Yeah, come in like 15 mins.

So I ran upstairs, I changed into like a pair of short shorts, a crop top and vans. I did my make up and straightened my hair.

I heard the car horn, Lukes here.

I ran downstairs, locked the door and got into the car. And we drove off.

"How was rehearsal?" Luke asked

"Fine, You know Valery??" I asked" Well she calls me Christa now..."

"Really!?!?!" He said" Why cant I call you Christa?"

"Because I am your queen dumbass" I said.

"Well that's true, but I am like ur Best Friend" He whined

"Aww too bad" I said

We got to Michaels, and I saw Niall was here, Calum, Ashton, and Michael obviously and so were the bad boys and bad girls in our grade so that's like, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Also like, Ariana, Gretchen, Selena, Jessie, and Julia and so was Elicia.

"Wow Mikey, you got everybody to come didn't you?" I asked

"Basically, yeah" He said

The song that came on the stereo was my fav song ever. My  English Love Affair was rocking out hardcore to that and so was everyone else. It was super fun, then Steal My Girl came on and everybody was singing along. It was really cool. I am glad me and Ashton was there. Then everybody went home but me, Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke and Elicia. We had a sleepover I swear somebody dry humped me when I was sleeping. I don't know who it was but somebody did. When everyone was asleep I went outside and Checked my email from my phone. I had a new email. It was from the slave fundraiser.It said:

Dear Ms.Christa Irwin, *Now I can tell its Valery*

Great Job at rehearsals today, I think that outfit suits you more than the other one. Now as the Queen of the School and If you want to get hotter boys to buy you,you should wear more outfits like that ok. If the teachers see it and if the principal sees it, it will be fine because they will know why. Ok love ya!!!

Sincerely, The Slave Fundraiser

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