Something about Him (5SOS Punk FanFic) (ON HOLD)

Having a Punk Senior Brother (Ashton Irwin) may not be bad after all


3. The Final Day of my freedom.

Christas P.O.V 

Well today is my final day before being auctioned off, I said goodbye to everyone. I told them I love them, and hopefully I will see them soon.

Me and Elicia walked to the Auditorium, we saw all the girls they started to get dress. We quickly got dressed, and we lined up. To be honest I was totally nervous, I didn't think anybody would buy me, so I just stood behind the curtain and shaked. I saw Elicia go up, Elicia was super pretty, she had jet black hair a small waste and she had a good height. I was jealous of her. 

"The bid starts at 400$" Valery Said.

I saw all these boys get up and then all I saw was Niall come up and give Valery 1,000$

"Sorry boys but this girl is mine" He said

"Ok winner of Elicia Robinson is Niall Horan!!!" Val said

I was up my heart was beating super fast!I didn't know if I was breathing or not, it was my turn to go out.

"Next we have Ms.Queen Punk!!!!" She said

I came out and did my wave a blew a kiss. The boys jaws dropped even Lukes! I thought he was being funny. But I don't think he was.

"Bid starting at 600$" Val said

"1,500$" A familiar voice said.

Then I saw who said that he appeared out of the shadows, It was my Best Friend Forever, Luke Robert Hemmings had said that.

"I will see you in a bit love" Luke said to me, blowing a kiss in my direction.

I couldn't believe my best friend, Luke, would bid on me. He doesn't even like me. Well I am glad he did and not some random stranger. 

*Time Skip to After School*

"Hey everyone" I said excitedly

"Hey Back!" They said

Michael was with his slave, Jillian. Calum was with his, Bella. Ashton was with his, Jessica.Then we saw Niall walk out with Elicia and we all stared in awe. They were such a perfect couple! They all stare at Luke, as if he was crazy or something.

"Where is ur slave Lukey" They asked. Luke got embarrassed and looked at me.

"This is my Slave, Ms.Queen Punk" He said. They were all shocked.

I walked next to Luke, and well he kissed me!!!

This was so shocking, I don't want to say I loved it because I would be embarrassed. I have to admit I did like Luke, but I was just to shy.

"OOOOH GET IT LUKE"They shouted, and I flipped em off. It was fun. But then I ran off embarrassed to somewhere no one would find me.

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