Something about Him (5SOS Punk FanFic) (ON HOLD)

Having a Punk Senior Brother (Ashton Irwin) may not be bad after all


4. Hanging with the "Owner" and his buds.

Christas P.O.V

Everyone was just in shock,before I ran off at least. I ran off to somewhere that I haven't been for in awhile.My, my, well I am embarrassed to say this, but my preschool.My teacher was my friend there and I know she still works there.So thats why I go there still.

"Mrs.Kate, I need your help." I said

"Sure Christa, I am always here for you." Kate said

"Well you know the Slave Auction? Well I was in it and the boy that bought me is my best friend and he kissed me and well I liked it but I am totally embarassed!! Help me Kate!!!" I said

"Christa darlin, are you falling head over heels for this boy?" She asked me

"Yes Mrs.Kate!!! I really don't know!! I love Luke, he is in a famous band called 5sos, but he can get any girl why would he love me Kate!! Why!!!!" I asked

"Because your beautiful, you always have been and always will be." She said

"Ya know she is right."Luke Flippin Handsome Hemmings said.

"Wait, Luke how did u know I was here??" I asked

"Well don't forget I live like right next to this place and I went to this pre-school duh!!!" He said

"Yeah, I remember thats when you kissed me on the cheek." I said

"Yeah I will do it again, but this time on the lips" He said and then smashed his lips on mine.

"Awwwwww" Kate cooed

"Kate, thanks for helping me as always I really needed it." I said then went an hugged her

"No prob, I will always be here for u" She said

We left the Rainbow Academy, and went to Mikeys house because we were all suppose to meet there. On the way to Mikeys I just stayed silent, I like Luke, don't get me wrong, but he always breaks girls hearts. I really don't want to be that girl, and every boy in the school drools over me I get that, but why does Luke like me I'm not special in anyway.

When we got to Mikeys I ran to Ashton and cried.

"Baby sister, whats wrong" I forgot to mention he is 1 day older so he calls me his "Baby sister" since of the one day diff.

"I need to talk to you real quick" I said   and with that we walked outside.

"Ash, you know I always liked luke, but I don't think Luke feels the same way." I said,while crying my eyes out

"Christa can I show you something" He said while pulling this out of his pocket

It was Lukes Journal, he talked about how much he loves me. I can't believe it.

"I can't believe it, he actually loves me?" I said

"Yep, he loves you very very much." He said, I hugged him and went back inside together.

I saw the boys reading something purple, I looked and it was my diary. I wonder who gave them that. I gave Ashton a death glare.


I looked at the ground and I blushed because I was embarrassed

"Christa is this true?" Luke asked

I just looked at the floor.

"ANSWER ME NOW SLAVE!" He screamed

"Yes sir, it's true." I said innocently

I ran into Ashtons arms. I cried and cried.

"See what you've done" he said "She loves you, but you are scaring her!!"

"I love her to! And im not trying to scare her!" Luke said shyly

I let go of ashton, and I ran into Lukes arms.We kissed and I felt sparks. 

"But why Luke, Why me, you can have any girl you want?" I asked

"Becasue your perfect to me, and you complete me." He said with a cheesy smile

"How about we watch a movie?" Ashton suggested

"YEA!!! Can we watch Neighbors?" I asked

"Yeah, I always wanted to see that movie!!" Luke said

The movie came on, and we all laughed this is going to be an awesome night.

Once an inappropriate part came on, Luke covered my eyes.

"Children shouldn't see this stuff, and since we have a child in the room I will have to cover her eyes" He said, and we all laughed

"I wouldn't be talking Mr.Hemmings, your the same age as me!" I said

He blushed then kissed me on my lips

"Will that shut you up?" He asked

I nodded my head yes.

Since it was friday, we all had a sleepover. I fell asleep on Luke, I has my arm on his chest. I was really comfortable, I never said this before about anyone but I am seriously falling head over heels for Luke.







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