Something about Him (5SOS Punk FanFic) (ON HOLD)

Having a Punk Senior Brother (Ashton Irwin) may not be bad after all


1. First Day Of School

Christas P.O.V

I woke up and realized that it was 6:45 am. SHIT!!! I AM GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL. So I threw on my "Dont mess with me" Crop top, my red leather jacket, and my black skinny jeans,and some red vans.Since, me and my brother (Ashton Irwin) are twins we walk to school together and are in the same grade. But we stopped doing that after the first day of school meaning tomorrow I will get picked up by my BFF, Elicia Robinson. We have been besties since we were like 5. 

We got to the school, and we were met by his four Best Friends, Michael, Luke, Calum, and Niall. Then I saw Elicia and I ran up and hugged her!!

"OMG!!, I love your outfit" She squealed 

"OMG i love yours" I said

"I will never understand girls" The 5 of them muttered.

Then I got lifted up by Ashton and he said "Ima go change real quick, remember dont tell mom I have tattoos ok?"

"Okay." I said

Time to get our Schedules, and get to homeroom.

I saw that Ashton,Luke,Calum,and Michael were in my homeroom and all of my classes.

"Shit" I said under my breath

What also happened is my seat is between all four of them great............

"Looks like Princess Punk, oh wait im sorry Queen Punk is in our classes this year boys" Calum said

"Haha, looks like we will have fun" Michael, Calum and Luke smirked.

"Leave me alone" I said

"Hey Christa, are you going to sign up for the Slave Fundraiser?" Calum Said "I mean you can, since your the queen of the school and probably be the hottest Slu- i mean slave up there...." 

"Maybe will see how pathetic it is this year" I replied

The bell rang for lunch already, and we got the popular table as always. I turn my head to a sheet being passed around the table, its the slave fundraiser isnt it. It finally got my to our table and me and Elicia signed up. We had to send a picture in of ourselves so I did.

"Wow you actually signed up"They said.

"Yep, Might as well it's my last year of highschool might as well have fun" I said

"Yeah, I guess your right" They said

"So what did you send your sluttiest picture in or something?" Luke asked

"Maybe, Nah im joking but I did send one of me next to you in our freshman year when I looked hot."I said

"Oh that one!! Really I had zits!!! And they were fucking ugly!!!" He said

"Haha to late now Bitch!!!" I said


Its the end of the day,so me and Ashton walked back home.

"So did you really sign up for the Slave Fundraiser?" He asked me

"Yeah..." I said

"Good, you should have fun your senior year." He said

We got home and did our homework. We had pizza for dinner, and then I went upstairs to check me email.I got an email from the slave fundraiser, and it said.

Dear Ms.Queen Punk,

We have selected the girls for the Slave Fundraiser, and your in!!! We are very excited to have our schools queen in the Fundraiser this year. So we asked for your full co-operation because you are our very last girl to be sold, and well this year we have changed the rules, they can keep you for longer than a week, but it cant be more than 3 months. They can make you do anything they like to you, they have to obey, and well how do I saw this um the school added an extra grade so the school goes up to 13th grade/year so if you signed up this year your in the slave Fundraiser this year your in next year. Congratulations once again, Ms.Queen Punk. Your outfit will be shipped in the mail and so will some money.

Sincerely,The Slave Fundraiser.


Shit, I  should've thought this through. Now I am toast for sure. I called Ashton over here and showed him the email.

"Damn sis, What did you get yourself into!!"He asked

"I have no clue anymore, I have no clue" I said



Authors Notes:

Hey Guys I want to know what you thought of it let me know in the comments below ok bye!!!

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