A more realistic Frozen

Elsa is an 8th grader in Arendelle Middle. Her best friend Anna was growing more distant over the years. But when Anna starts to argue with Elsa in class, something magical happens... ~PLEASE IGNORE THIS ITS TERRIBLE IK BUT IM STILL KEEPING IT~


4. Don't feel. Don't feel. DON'T FEEL!

So here I am in my castle.

What do I do now?

I can't go back to AMS now!! Maybe I should wait....?  Wait what

Ice came out of my feet and started to frost over my ice castle.

Me- Get it together! I'm fine! I don't care about Peter. I'm not a monster.

The ice doesn't stop.

Me- Don't feel. Don't feel. DON'T FEEEEELLLLL.

I stop.  Someone just opened up the doors.  I slowly walk down the stairs.

Ms. Pencil and Anna are here.

But why?

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