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43. Midnight Sun- Cover for DanielleCullen:)

Okay, this was very tricky to do- took me about two hours! Because I put a lot of effort into it I will tell you how I did it.

1)Looked at possible images-keeping with the theme of twilight the object had to be red.

2)Found some possibilities and tested them

3) Looked for twilight fonts and used some.

4) Tried to get the right font for author's name-MAJOR PROBLEMOS: Couldn't increase letter spacing, couldn't get the font to be white, couldn't find the RIGHT font...

5) Ended up screenshotting a likely font (the spacing was too close together though) and cropping each singular letter and moving them to the right spacing (this took aaaaaagessssss...)

6) Sort of done? Maybe?

7) Uploaded them.


If you want them changed, or a different image, just say! Hope you like them!

Kate x

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