Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


2. Transformation~

”What did you want to talk about Kev?”

“Well…” He looks up at Kathy and looks into her pale blue eyes then his eyes starts to get glossy.

“How long have you known Jasmine?”

“Since we were 3 years old…why you asking?”


I look over to see that Kathy has a weird expression on her face. What is he saying…

“You wanna know what he’s saying don’t you”

I twist around. I forgot that Jose was still there.

“Nah i don’t its probably something stupid..”

I sooo want to know but i couldn’t let Jose know.

“Jaz…Why do you like him anyway? I mean sure he’s good looking but what else?”

“I just have this feeling towards him like he’s the one…”

I look over and tried to continue to figure out what they were saying.

“Do you like me Kathy? Because I like you..”

“No I would never Kevin and no I think you like Jaz so if your gonna ask me out then you’re asking the wrong person”

I see Kathy laughing and pointing at me. Kevin was bright red then he nodded. Then he started walking over to me and Jose. I tried to act “natural” but i just ended up in some weird pose.

“Hey Jas…”
Kathy kneeled next to me folding her arms looking bored of her mind and looking irritated.

“H-Hi Kevin” My cheeks were going bright red so I stared at the floor. There was an awkward silence until Kathy rolled her eyes and huffed.


“JEEZ! Jaz, Kevin's tryna ask you out!!”



Kathy got up and dragged Jose with her and yelled out, “See ya later LOVEBIRDS!”

After hearing that I started to blush even more (HOWS THAT POSSIBLE?!)


Before Kevin opened his mouth all you could hear were explosions and screaming…Then I realised that Jose and Kathy might have company. 

“Sorry Kevin! Tomorrow meet me after school!!”
I ran off in a hurry before he could answer and all i see is a massive hole in the floor in front of me then that’s when i started to panic because i saw blood on the floor…



I was screaming at the top of my lungs until someone grabbed me from behind then whispers into my ear which sends shivers down my spine.

“You would be great bait for the illegitimate daughter of God and Satan *laughs*”


“If you put that earring off that will show your true self then I will”

That’s right….That earring she always wears was charmed to keep her supernatural form a secret…Thanks to me she’ll have to reveal herself..Unless Zero can come in time…


Kathy puts her earring off and throws it to the floor. Her transformation was so beautiful…Bats fluttering around her while her eyes glow a really crimson red while her hair turns to midnight blue and her incisors grow longer and sharper then she wears a leather jacket  with a black tank top with ripped black jeans while wearing high heel boots.

“Since I done that…You can let the mortal go now since thats your part of the deal”

“Nah I wanna keep her as my toy” 

He smirks while Kathy starts to get ticked off then her eyes go more red.

“Guess it’s time for a lil drink then”

She does a little smile that I have never seen before

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