Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


3. Thirst or Love?

~Kathy’s POV~


After I transformed all i could see were the veins in the guy and jaz. There was an urge to drink the blood but I had to get Jaz out of his grip first. 

“You gonna let go of her? Or you want me to kill you?”

“Would it be a pleasable death?”

He winked and smiled at me which made me even more creeped out then i was..

“Don’t do this. You know how I get when i get angry!”

“What turn green like the hulk? Yeah right…You’re just a coward”

Jazzy looked terrified but my anger was making me thirsty…I wish Zero was here, he’s the only one who can calm me down or help my thirst.



I was wrong. It was Kaname…Why did he sound like Zero? I don’t care but my throat started to get dry and was getting painful. I started to hold my throat and breathing heavily. Oh god the cravings starting. I tried to call for Jazz or Kaname but it just came out in little gasps for air.

“Dude what’s wrong with Kathy?!”

“She’s craving…”

Kaname walked over to me and smiled. 

“Do you really need Zero’s blood?”

Before I could respond someone pulled Kaname away from me.


It was Zero! I ran to him still holding my throat. Zero bit his lip and smashed his lips against mine making the blood go into my mouth…I don’t know why but it felt more then him just feeding me. I could feel the passion in his kiss. I opened my eyes to see that Zero had a dusty pink colour on his cheeks. Zero…


He pulled back while his cheeks were still dusty pink. He looked away and mumbled, 

“Just kill that jerk already”

I nodded and smiled slightly. I ran from behind him and put him in a headlock and watched him let go of Jaz. 


“What about you??”

“You’re really worried about me now?! Just go!”

I watched her run to find Kevin and Jose. I looked at the culprits face turning a bright red. 

“Awwww you want air? *scoffs* you tried to kill my best friend so imma make use of you”

I tilt his head to the side biting into his neck sucking hard getting all of his blood into my system. Before I could turn him to dust Zero stopped me and dragged me off to let Kaname finish off the guy.


We were out of plain sight and he let go of my arm then he looks into my eyes. His eyes were soft and calming which made me relax. He walked closer to me.


He strokes my cheek which made me blush then he tucked strands of hair behind my ear then started to kiss my neck softly then trailing up to my jawline up to my lips where he hesitated.

“Zero…D-do you need blood?”

“What I need…is you Kathy”

Before I could respond he pinned me to the tree, putting his hands on my waist while smashing his lips against mine tangling his tongue with mine. The kiss was going on forever until we stopped for air. We started to kiss more again. I wrapped my arms around his neck then I whispered to Zero, 

“I love you Zero”

Zero looked at me with a smile that only he shared with me and I smiled back at him. Then he put my earring back on which made me go back to my human form.

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