Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


7. ~The First Date~

Kathy saw me sitting on the couch staring into space then she stood in front of me which made me come back to reality.
"Date with Zero today hehe" 
She winked at me and smiled. Then she dragged me into her room which made me a little confused. Then I asked,
"What we doing in here Kathy??"
"Picking out your outfit duhhh!"

She laughed at me my reaction then said,
"What? You didn't think you was going in a jumper with really short shorts did you?"
She went into her closet and got out a dress with a frilly and lacy skirt and a silky corset and brought out a pair of black high heels. She held them out to me then smiled. 
"Here...I was saving it for a special occasion but you can wear it"
"I don't know if I can"
"Sure you can!"

I looked at her and she pushed me into the closet waiting for me to get changed. I come walking out and she has a big grin on her face which made her so innocent...
"Now! Time for hair and make-up!!"

She dragged me to her make-up table and used a faint rosy pink (which was her favourite colour) and her light blue eye shadow then she curls my hair and added some pale blue (like her eyes) in my hair which made me look so different but yet so me...Damn she knew my style ever after few years apart. After we had our girly moment it was time to meet Zero at the entrance. Why am I so nervous!? ARGHHH!

There he was at the entrance leaning against the wall staring at his wrist. I walked up to him looking down at my feet. 
"You're feet are way more interesting?"
I look at him looking at me laughing.
I looked away because I was blushing too much and I didn't want to let Zero see me but he saw and he was chuckling under his breath.
"Oh! Let's go! We get to see Kathy perform!"
"Really? She sings?"
"You've been with her more then us and you still don't know?? You're missing out!"
"Oh I got to see this!"

So I dragged him to the park where Kathy was performing.
We got there and a guy came up to us.
"Ellie Jones and Zero Kiryu?"
"Come with me"
We followed him and we got to the front row where it said 'Reserved for EJ and ZK' 
Omg...I love you Kathy!
After an hour she came walking on stage with such a cute outfit. It was so cute it made me blush! She had a pastel pink top on with a little frilly pink skirt with a lacy hemming and she was wearing cute pink pumps and her hair was so curly with pastel blue highlights.
"I'd like to dedicate this song to Ellie and Zero!!"
"What did she just say?..."
I looked at Zero and he looked so embarrassed which made him so cuter. Then Kathy looked at us both then winked. 
She got into position then the music started playing. Then few seconds later me and Zero both said at the same time,
"Her favourite song!"
I looked at him and he looked back. We were both blushing like crazy. Then we listened to her singing 'Everytime We Touch'

God Kathy! You can be sooo obvious sometimes...


Heyyy! If you wanna listen to the song then here's the link!




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