Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


8. The bet xD

''Come on Aaron! It was part of the bet!''
''I don't wanna! I look STUPID!''
''*giggles abit* I doubt ittt!''

He finally walks down the stairs and there he was. Red ariel wig with a pink kawaii dress with stilettos (Hilarious!) 


~Aaron POV~

"Come on Kathy! You have to hold up your part of the bet"
"Imma take longer thoughh!"
"I don't care. A bet's a bet"
"Fine! You can practice your YMCA routine while i'm getting ready"
"Yeah yeah whatever just change! Jeez!"

~2 hours later~

"Y! M! C! A!!"

Whoohoo! I done it!! Kathy's taking her time and we need to preform soon. 

She walks down and she has a short black wig on with a red and black checkered shirt with a black tank top with black ripper jeans and sneakers while weary a beanie. 

"Let's go! Your going on soon Sass" She laughs

She whacks my head. We get the the centre of the school and the stage was all set up...Damn it. So me and her goes onto stage and she speaks into the mic. Hear we go...

"Hi everyone! Heres the thing! Me and my friend Aaron done a bet and well we both lost so thats why we're dressed like this! So part of it was that he would dress up as that and dance to YMCA Minion style! Enjoyyy!!~" She smiles at me then she goes to the back. 

I signal the technical guy and the song started playing and I yelled,
Then I started dancing and all I can hear is her laughing in the background! GAWD ITS SO OFF PUTTING!! I glared at her but made her laugh even more.

The song was over then I went over to Kathy to say it was her turn. She walks up to the mic and says, 
"Now imma be singing Lick it while dancing to it which will be weird for me but it'll will be hilarious"

Lick it started playing then she was doing some funky moves...Couldn't help to join in I mean it looked like too much fun then she started to sing. She was a really good singer, I didn't realise she could sing until the first we saw her again. But seriously she looks weird and hilarious (not compared to me though)

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