Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


4. Reunited~

~Jazzy's POV~


I stopped running and i saw Kevin talking with two people.

"Who are you two?"

The girl gave me a look that sent chills down my spine and ignored my question.

"So Kev, you seen Kathy or not? Her father wants her back"

"Shes taking down one of the henchman right now..He held Jaz which made her snap and well now shes with Zero so calm yo tits Ellie"

The boy next to "Ellie" punched Kevin.

"Why is she with him?! You know hes just using her for her blood!"

"Shut up Aaron and be an obedient dog got it? The important ones are talking"

That made "Aaron" snap and made him punch Kevin in the face and spit on him when hes on the floor. Then Aaron turned into a lion and growled.

"I'll show you when to shut up"

"Heal Aaron jeez you need to control it!"



Ellie and Aaron tackles her and they all laugh and smiles then they all yell out.


I wish I could reunite with my best friends or family but I'm all alone...

"No your not Jaz"

Kathy smiled at me and hugged

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