Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


1. Prolouge

Someone taps your shoulder.

“Jasmine you okay?”

You look up to see your the person you love (like seriously you would die for him). 

“Oh hey Kevin..Yeah i’m fine just thinking about things”

“Oh really? Fascinate me bubble butt” He chuckles softly with such a sweet smile.

Why is he doing this…Oh i wish you knew Kevin. If you knew then i could just grab your face and smother it with kisses.


It was lunchtime and you was meeting your best friends, Kathy and Jose. You loved Kathy since she would always be blunt with you to show she cares for you and she would always cheer you up. You and Kathy became more closer until you found out her biggest secret of all time…



~Few weeks ago~


I see Kathy sneaking behind the worlds most exclusive school/academy…”Cross Academy” huh? Kathy has never kept any secrets from you until recently when she's been acting really strange. You follow her until you can see her behind some bushes. I thought i was finished with stalking…

You hear footsteps so you duck behind the bushes.


She was meeting a cute guy. He had sliver hair which matched the moon in the sky and his eyes were a soft violet and he wore a uniform but in a type of way that delinquents wears uniforms. Kathy starts to cry while her eyes glow a crimson red. The guy embraced her tightly then tilting his head then he softly says in a concerned voice,

“I’m here for you Kathy so do it, I promise it won’t hurt i just wanna be here for you”

“Even if my auntie killed your parents and took your brother?…”

“The thing i really care about is when you saved me from her Kathy…You saved me from this darkness in my life and thats why I-“

Before he could finish I was pushed out of the bush by someone.



“And spying isn’t *scoffs* Zero we need to keep Kathy’s secret an actually secret”

The guy who pushed me looked at me slightly then looked at Kathy which made his eyes look softer and calm…Maybe he pushed me to stop him from confessing to her.

“…..” Kathy stared at me speechless while tears were building up in her pale blue eyes.

Before she could cry more I ran to her and snuggled her tight and I whispered so only she could hear me,

“I don’t care what you are Kathy your still my best friend”


~Present Day~


“Hey Kathy! My greatest friend ever!!!”

“HEY! What about me?” Jose pouted.

“*Scoffs* You’re just an idiot” You giggle while glomping Kathy.


I like Jose but I also like Kevin… 

Kevin came over to us and smile at us. Well Kathy just stared at him (she doesn’t really trust him)

“Hey…Kathy could i talk to you? It’s kinda important…”



Kathy looked at me then i mouthed to her “GO!”

She rolled her eyes and started getting up

“Fine but be quick I have better things to do.”

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