Jasmine and Kathy fights for their futures and has crushes or partners they need to protect from. But will it be simple or will they have to fight till their last breaths?....


6. Oh no...

"Where's Ellie, Kathy?"
"Well...she's on a date with Kiryu..."
"She's what?"

Aaron's eyes widen after I told him about everything. I looked at him confusingly then I just had to ask him,
"Aaron do you like Ellie?"
"OH EW! NO NO NOOOO! Can't I be concerned for a friend???"
"I don't know can you? But answer this Aaron...Do you like someone?"


~Aarons POV~

Well today's when Ellie had to go somewhere important and I was with Kathy.

~Few hours later when Kathy told me everything~

I was so shocked I started drinking my tea then all of a sudden I hear Kathy laughing and smiling at me.
"Jeez Aaron. Never stopped with your tea have you?"
"What? It's like liquid heaven!"
"Pfft sure Aaron"
"I will turn into a massive kawaii cup and chase you."
"Yeah right just drink your tea mate"

Before I could shape shift, Kevin and Jose came and sat down with us. I never really liked Kevin since he forced mine and Ellie's best friend to leave us...I will hurt him somehow.

"Hey Kathy and...obedient dog" 
Kevin had a smug smirk on his face which ticked me off but not fighting in front of Jose and Kathy especially Jose since he doesn't know what any of us are.
"Hey Turd head"
As soon as I said that it wasn't a cool comeback but at least it made Jose and Kathy laugh and let Kevin give me a glare that makes him look more ugly. It was like Kathy knew what I was thinking because she turned to Jose and said,
"Oh Jaz texted me to say that she wants to meet you at the park!"
"Mhm! Go Goo!
"Okay jeezus Kathy you're awfully pushy today!"

She smiled and waved at him while he left then I gave her a look then she shook her head.
"Dude I'm staying I wanna see who will win!"
"What so you can fall for them?"
"Shush Sassy!"
"I'm good Thanks" 

I laughed then Kathy started to play a song called, "Time Is Running Out".
"Nice song too fit the mood puta"
"HEY! This song is epic don't deny it!"
"I'll deny it if I want too"

She stuck her tongue at me then pointed in front of me. I turn my head to see that Kevin was about to charge at me so I done a front flip over his head then I kicked the back of his head which sent him to the floor. He stayed down for a minute then slowly got up. I shape shift into him then duplicated myself trying to confuse him.

"Wouldn't do that if I was you Sass..."
"Oh and why not?"

Before Kathy could say anything, Kevin punched my jaw which made a loud CRACK! Kathy just covered her eyes and said, 
"Well...Damn! Come on you guys!"
"I got an idea puta" 

I winked at her and transformed into...Kathy which made Kevin just stay still and tense.
"Dude that is just wrong on so many levels...."
"At least it made him stop!"
"Just don't enjoy yourself too much!"
"Seriously?! I'm not that pervy! You know what imma just end this!"

I transformed back into myself then i punched his stomach then doing a high kick which knock him out straight. 
"Who's the important one now PUNK!?"
"Getting abit overwhelmed Sass..Jeezus your funny"

Kathy puts her hand over Kevin and teleported him somewhere else. 
"Please tell me hes far away!"
"Haha. He's in his room mate"

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