All That


1. All That

Oh, look.

The sun's gone down.

I guess it's over.

We had our chance- nothing came of it.

But maybe that's a good thing.

I'm in perspective of a different kind.

And right now, I feel so alive.


You still mean so, so much to me.

You're kind and sweet and funny.

But to all that kindness and sweetness and hilarity,

I say-

Not right now.

And my heart, which carries all that kindness and sweetness and hilarity

It lets go.


So, yes, right now I'm empty.

Because being full was too heavy.

And maybe I'm not feeling what people call the best feeling in the world

But I feel so light.


And you know something?

You're all that.

Sweetness, kindness, hilarity.

Maybe even more.

But you're all that.

And I want all that.

But I'm not sure if I can handle all that.



Forget me

Forget you.

Not out of anger, not out of spite.

Just not right now,

Just not tonight.

But remember,

You are all that.



What to do now?

I still think of you, you know.

The sun's gone but the night's almost over.

Maybe another day?

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