Don't Say I Didn't Try

When Alice auditions for the competition SDAT she has no idea what she has thrown herself into.


1. Me

My name is Alice. I am a thirteen year old girl who is not particularly pretty; nor am I ugly. I have wavy dark brown hair and green eyes, and my nose is dusted with chocolate brown freckles. Tomorrow I am going to London to audition for SDAT- Singing Dancing Acting Talent. My friends and parents think I should. I love singing, dancing and acting, but I am not sure if I am good at any. I never thought about in a competitive way, but here I am now, deciding which dress to wear, which make up to put on, and other useless worries. I am writing this to get rid of some of my worries, I guess. My stomach is twisting in nervousness. What will happen tomorrow?   

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