The Thief Of hearts

Ally and Chris was childhood friends.But after the things went wrong,they leave each other...

And now,Ally is the most wanted thief and criminal.And Chris is one of the successful detectives.


The biggest thing Ally have steal is Chris's heart.And he had steal hers,too.


But the president wants him to catch her and trow her to her death.


And she has to kill him before he does.


But ,eh, we all know that Love is a dangerous game.

So let the game start.

All rights goes to @Yourdamnwriter


2. 「Chapter-Two」

Chapter two----

Hi everyone!!I'm a little sad that this fanfiction didn't reach too much reads as I hoped.

But I hope it will become more as soon as possible. Does anyone knows a cool rp place?

Warning:All belongs to me. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ally looked at officers that was working or secretly playing game.Most of them was drinking coffee.She realized that there was fourteen officer and six of them was living with their mother.She had to hold her laugh back when she found that.

"Here.Sorry to make me wait."said Chris giving a plastic cup.

She took it carefully and forced a smile as a 'thanks'.He sat next to her.She drank than her coffee.

"Well done,Chris.At least you remember my fav. coffee flavour." she said after another taste.

He looked at her cup.

"You have changed."She wondered what was he thinking.Suddenly he took her cup with his and trowed to trash.

"What the hell are you doing?I was still drinking it." she yelled at him.Some of the officers seem to look at them but looked like they couldn't look anything but their damn computer.

"Sorry,I just forgot that you was a thief at the same time most wanted criminal.It would be out of humanity to act you like old you.You are just a peasant that deserves nothing but a place of prison."He said with disgust in his voice.

Ally smirked.

"You know?I could have already escape than here if I wanted to.But I'm way too good to help you win that prize."she said. He trowed a frown look to her.

"You think I accepted this case to get the prize of yours?"Ally nodded like it was clear.

"If you didn't do it for the prize,than why?They offered you woman?Or money?Maybe the chance of a star!" she asked.

He smirked,and runned his fingers trough her hand.

"I was going to be the lucky person that kill you.That was the offer.But I'm doing it free."He suddenly grabbed her hand and hold."You know why?" she could just say 'no' to him.

His hands were warm,at the sametime very cold.He was very close toher right now,at the sametime far away.She didn't like it a bit.

"Because,If I would accept it,than I knew I would be able to see you again.And I did." he smiled.

She felt something but choose to ignore it.She smiled,this time she didn't had to force one.Her lips were already ready for it.

"You still do.."

He smiled but his eyes suddenly locked on her back.She wondered why.He looked at her for the last time,that she learned it later.

He kissed her cheek and smiled.He seem to cry if she touched that valuable thing.

"Sorry,but I have changed as well."

"What do you m-hmph!" she tried to talk but she couldn't.

Someone was covering her eyes and mouth with his huge hand. He suddenly started trowing her to a place. She tried to calm but she had to breath.

And she would lie if she said his hands were smelling like a flower garden.She hoped he had washed his hands after toilet.

She found her self suddenly on operating room.They forced her and tied her to a place.She tried to yell for help but than saw Chris next to door.She yelled to him,

"What's going on?!"

"Nothing.Just a part of this case,as president wanted."he answered.

"You @$!?*/ !You are just a piece of @!? that must die under your \*#@ self!You.."

He forced her to a kiss.He pulled his head away and looked at her with his black mixed hair and baby blue eyes.

She looked at him. So that was the boy she loved with all her life...

"I love you..As much as you will never understand.."

A man-she guesed it was a doctor- put a mask to her mouth.She was falling assleep slowly.She was too tired that her eye-lips weren't even fighting.






. 'I love you too..'She must say







"I lo-ove.."





"Sir we are starting....5.." Just say it already..







"I l-..."






"I love ..."




"2..." .



"" She saw that he was smiling."you..."


She couldn't say the last part.

Last thing she saw was his face.

Than everything went black with the spark of light,back of his head.

"I love you too...But It's better if you don't know.."She said to herself.

"Our love is cursed...And I don't want to force you to drown deeper on that poison with me..." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

hELLz Yeah!!!!!!!!!I have finnaly finish this chapter!!!(((lol I missed the school bus this morning.Bus driver kept calling me but I closed my phone that I would miss the school and sleep happly,but than he suddenly decided to call my mom.Damn it!)

Question to readers:What are you afraid of?

-your damn lazy author that can't stands mathematic lessons T-T

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