The Thief Of hearts

Ally and Chris was childhood friends.But after the things went wrong,they leave each other...

And now,Ally is the most wanted thief and criminal.And Chris is one of the successful detectives.


The biggest thing Ally have steal is Chris's heart.And he had steal hers,too.


But the president wants him to catch her and trow her to her death.


And she has to kill him before he does.


But ,eh, we all know that Love is a dangerous game.

So let the game start.

All rights goes to @Yourdamnwriter


1. 「Chapter-One」

Chapter One

Ally looked trough the window to see if police was still there or not.

She cursed under her breath as one of the cops saw her.He looked at her with a spark on his eye that was telling her she had no where to run,which was true.

She looked at her last bullets.It wasn’t too much but it was enough for her to escape than this hell.

“She is inside!”said the ‘sweet’ cop.She closed her eyes for a second.How did she get there?Giving the answer to her self made her smirk.

Her eyes widened as someone shot to the window.She was really lucky that they mised.But she knew that they woudn’t next time.So she took her bag and put headphones on.She smiled at the situation she was in.

“Five on roof..Seven inside..Oh and fifty-five around building..sixty-seven,heh?”She looked at her phone and searched for Trouble by Neon Jungle.

“How silly of President..”She started her playlist as she started to move on.She gave out a deep sigh.She opended the door,ready to kill anyone that will get in her way.She did too.

She looked around proudly as she made it to roof.She opened the door.

“Ah…Weather is nice,isn’t it?” she asked smirking.Her eyes looked around and find the man on the corner.

“I think you enjoyed the game.But I have to say that I’m totaly shocked that you took too long.”said the voice,”I was getting bored,ya’ know.” She looked at him.

He was wearing black t-shirt that was showing his muscles,black-jean that made her want to jump his arms.With his messy black hair,no one would think he was a detective.She gulped as she realized he was becoming too close to her.

Enough close to hurt her.

She stepped back as he stepped closer.It worked until she was nearly falling than the corner of roof.She cursed under her breath.

“You got problems about trusting.”He smiled as he was being closer and closer to her.She was just watching him coming closer,trying to tell her heart stop being excited.

“I got lots of reason to don’t trust you…” she mumbled as his face was too close.He smiled at her blushing face.He pulled out his phone and called his boss.She was still blushing,knowing the game had end for her.

“Hi..Detective Chris Maxy is talking..”he smirked at her while playing with her hair.

“I wanted to report that I catch her.We are waiting on the roof for helicopter to arrive.”

She bit her lip,”I hate you..”He laughed,

“I love you too,sweet-heart.”


I'll keep writing if you guys say OK. :D

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