The Thief Of hearts

Ally and Chris was childhood friends.But after the things went wrong,they leave each other...

And now,Ally is the most wanted thief and criminal.And Chris is one of the successful detectives.


The biggest thing Ally have steal is Chris's heart.And he had steal hers,too.


But the president wants him to catch her and trow her to her death.


And she has to kill him before he does.


But ,eh, we all know that Love is a dangerous game.

So let the game start.

All rights goes to @Yourdamnwriter


3. chapter three


Hi everyone!!!I'm gonna update 'Stuck' a week later so(maybe) don't be harsh on me!! >.< And I want to say thanks to two people.

One of them (movellas)@Carrera,  (Wattpad) @Syliphes

WARNINGN:All rights goes to me ,madear reader! ^-^


Note:When I put "}" and "{" this means no ones/story tellers pov.I'll use that a lot on flashbacks.

Media: Lee. 

(Hehe..He is Rin Matsuoka.And he is my second darling.First one is Nico di angelo-third is Mello :3)

Song: Fall out boy-Death Valley





Chris looked trough his phone,as it started raining,again.It was cold which he cursed under his breath that he didn't took his sweaters next to him.It was really cold that he had to warm hisself up with a cup of hot-chocolate.

Beep Beep

He looked at his phone again with a hope in his eyes.But when he saw that it was from president he sighed.He was hoping it to be Ally.But a part of him knew that she would never forgive him.He wouldn't too.

"Yes,Sir?"A womans scream came than background.He kept being silent to hear what was going on.

"Oh!Chris-kun!You should have come to here with me,there is very tasty things.." than he heared a 'whip' noise and that womans screams.She was yelling and begging for a man to stop.

"So,Did you done your homework well,my cutie?" he asked this time,like a child.Chris hold his anger back.How the hell did this man became President?!It was serious!

"You'll pay!" This time,It was a girls voice,that sounded more realastic.

"Yes,sir.I did what you want than me." Ofcourse,he wasn't seeing him,but he felt like he was smirking...

"Great,very great!I would come back to there..but I will spend a week on here!Is it okay for you,Chris-kun?"

President was on holiday,gone to Japane-his home.He was adding 'kun' or 'chan' to his name.Which was very fake to Chris.

"Y-Yeah..Sure..Why not?" was only thing that he could say.

"Aye!See you later than,my love~I hope 'you''re okay without me~~-"

Chris quikly shut the phone.How did he became this mans lover?He could and it if he wanted..He loved Ally.But he had a thing for him too..Damn it!


{It was the New Year,Just like today.It have been eight years,since Ally left.He was still in love with her.But knew that he had to forget her.So he went to bar.He was 16 now,so he could drink.}


"H-Hey!Barman,gimme more than this!" Barman looked at his drunk customer.It was about two of morning and he really 

had to close the bar.But this young man wasn't leaving.And the worst was,he had been telling how he loved a girl but she left him.

"Uh!No more drink to you!Now,pay the cost and leave!" Chris nodded and smiled.Anyone could understand that he was drunk.

"But *hick* I don't have any mo-*kick*-ney.."Suddenly a man appeared on his back.He was smiling.

He was blonde with green eyes.He was tall and his body was sexy by a way.Barman looked at him raising a eyebrow.

"No need to worry!I'will pay for him and took him out." 






"Who are you?"

"Not someone important..But call me Lee."

"W-Where are *hick* you taking me to?" Chris asked.Lee smiled.

"You are drunk.I guess your parents won't be happy to see their son drunk on this age.So I'm taking you to my house."Chris didn't say anything.

"I'm not a kid..*hick*I'm a man!!!" he said after a munite.Lee laughed.

"Hm?~You say so?Than did you ever sleep with anyone?"Chris blushed nodding his head as 'no'

"Oh..Than are you working?" He said no again.

"Did you stay up ever?Without your parents permission?"

"N-No.."Lee smiled,still carrying him.

"Than you are not a man,kiddo."

They didn't talk again.

Lee locked the door behind and carried Chris to sofa.He took his coat slowly with his shoes.When he came back,he made a coffee for him.

"Here,drink this kiddo."But Chris trowed it away,to wall.Than he pulled Lee to ground and get top of him.

"What are you doing,kiddo?"Chris started un-buttoning Lee's t-shirt after trowing his away.(A/N:ohshit..I'm turning this in to a is wrong with me o.o)

"I'm not a kid..I'll proove it to you!"Lee raised an eyebrow,

"I thought you loved that 'Ally' chick.Can you really do this to her?"He tried to make him change his mind.He knew where it was going and It wasn't good for him...

"I..." he stopped and sat down to ground.Lee smirked.

"See?" he put his hand to his neck,"Kiddo." 


"Hmm....Kidd..o"Lee tried to push him away,trying to escape than sudden kiss.

"I will show you I'm a man..I'll forget her..Y-You will see.."than he forced him to another kiss.

Lee got on top this time.Chris looked at him.Lee sighed,cursing.

"If I start,I won't be able to stop..Are you still sure?"He asked.Chris nodded.

"A-Ahhh~...Le-ee....Not t-there.."


----Flashback ends---


(A/N:no lemon to see!! \(O////O)/ )

Chris  trembled and blushed over the recognice of memorys.But than it suddenly hit to his head.

"Oh no..."He took his car and started driving to his special plane like crazy.


"So talk kitty-chan.Why did you tried to kill me?You're jealous of the girls that I slept?"He smiled to the girl that was tied to chair.

Before the phone rang,he was watching a horror movie.It was about a woman that was dieng in hard ways.But suddenly he find his self on the ground,escaping than this girls gun shoots.

She smirked.

"Maybe?~But I have to ask you something.."

Lee raised his eyebrow and saw her looking at guards that was listening.He sighed and gestured them to go.After they did,

Lee looked at her again.

Her hair was soft looking and her body sure had great curwes.She smiled.She suddenly got free of ropes.He didn't understand a thing.

"W-What.."He found his self on floor,and she was on the top of him.She handcuffed his hands and smirked.He opened his mouth to scream for help but she closed it with her soft hands.He looked at her questioning.She smiled liked she was a good girl that her mama would gave candy to her.But she was a very very very bad girl..

"Does Chris cares about you?" she asked softly to his face.She took out his knife and put it to his neck.She pulled her hand away to let him talk.But he couldn't yell.Knife of on his neck,ready to kill him.

"W-What do you mean.." does she know about their relationship?!How...!

"Like did you slept with him and will he try to get you back if you get kidnapped?.." she asked again,saft as first time.

"There is no reason that I would tell you.."He said,but it more came out like a whisper of storm.

"Well,Nothing is easier than making a reason."She pushed the knife a little to his neck to make him remmeber who had the power.

"O-Okay,O-kay..I'll talk."She smiled,this time she was the one that was raising the eyebrow.He huffed.

"Y-Yes...W-Wait..Why do you  ask?..."She smiled again.But this time it was kind of 'Bitch-Smile' 

"He steale something important to me.And-as a payment-I'm gonna steal something important to him."Lee gulped.This was because of Chris?Was he okay?Did something happened to him?

"I-Is he okay?.." he asked.She huffed,

"Sadly,yes.Will he?He is not that lucky-"


"W-What-"they saw Chris on the door.The guardins were death,on the ground.He glared.

"Let him go,Fox!,you are not fox.."he looked at the woman,when she turned to him he stepped back.

"Ally?!What the hell?"Than he looked at the Lee."Let him go.It isn't his problem,Ally.It's between us.Let him go."

"This girl is Ally?More like a mafia's daughter."Ally and Chris looked at him

"How do you know!?" Lee glared at Chris,

"Couldn't you love a much normal girl?!"Chris blushed,

"I don't love her!Why would I-I love someone like her,Lee?!"Lee looked at Ally,

"Okaaaaay...Than,I'm leaving you two to talk about 'that'..By-"Ally pushed the knife deeper,"Did I say I was leaving?Who said?Did you  hear anything Chris?"he said quickly.Ally smiled.She stood up,forcing Lee,too.She started walking to window.

Chris saw the helicopter on the window.

"Don't you dare taking him!Don't you even dare!"Ally smiled and jumped to helicopter,still forcing Lee.

"We got the President."She said to her man.She looked at Lee and huged him from back,kissing his cheek.Than she looked at Chris again.She smiled,

"Now,Now..Looks like he is mine now.."Chris glared at her.Lee looked at him worried and scared,


"C'ya Chris!Oh,if you stay alive.."Than they got away.Chris raised his eyebrow,

"If I stay alive?.."he mumbled-his eyes became bigger.

"Oh shit.."


{Baamm!!!! The building exploded,burning with flames.}



Clifhanger!Muhahahaha!~Yea,I know I promised for a 'girl vs girl' but I decided to change it a little..Yup.Chris is homosexual.

Muahaha! xD And Lee is too...hehehe..Will Chris survive and save Lee?Or will the story keep going with Lee and Ally?

I hate to warn you- I'm a veryyyy bad author >:) I can make Ally marry with a monkey too!!...OMG!That sounds perf.!I'll make it!

Q to readers:Lee or Chris? ;*

I fell inlove with the music *-*

-yourdamnwriter-which is gonna make Ally marry with a monkey!Muhaha!!!

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