Marry me ?


1. concert

I went to the 5sos concert, I was in the very first row and then finally Luke Hemming's asked me to go on stage with him that was very fun. I got a backstage pass too. He sang amnesia to me and I started crying.

Then I went backstage, he and his friends surrounded me yelling she so gorgeous. But then Luke screamed , "she is mine, don't do that she is probably scared now" he said. I was fine, but then he went on his knee and asked "will you ..... Go out with me?" I screamed,"YES!" He wasn't surprised for me to say yes either because he somehow got my email aka, my number.

So we dated for a long time. We went to the beach, got some ice hard ice cream his favorite and get some soft drinks. It was a really nice date , "yes it was he said"

Then he asked me this amazing question, "will you ... Marry me?" Then I yelled "YES I WILL!" "And will you go to Australia with me?" So I went to Australia with home.

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