Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


1. Prologue

~~Lets start off with my problems in life:
 1) No friends
 2) parents divorced
 3) Moms an alcoholic and is in and out of jail
 4) Dad is always working so never really see him
 5) Failing high school

 And these are the outcomes of those problems
 1) Addicted to cutting
 2) Bulimic
 3) Lonely
 4) Excessive crying
 5) Addicted to diet pills

 So I am pretty much always home alone crying to myself I'm my room and hating my life.

 My parents got divorced when I was 8 because my mom had been cheating on my dad. The child protective services wouldn't let my mom have custody over me since was an alcoholic and doing drugs. My dad was a crime investigator which was kind of ironic being that he never noticed anything wrong with me. He worked a lot so I am pretty independent with life. My dad always got job transfers so we moved a lot and he knew i hated it because i was never at the same high school for more then a year and any friends I might have made would be left behind to forget about me.

 My dad promised me this would be the last move for a long as I lived at home but then again, he said that about the last house and the one before that. At this point in life I gave up caring because I was so used to having no friends anyways.

 I know this is reallllllly short but I promise the regular chapters will be longer and more interesting:) ILY and pls pls pls like this story. This is my first movella EVERRR so if I seem unexperienced thats why ;)

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