Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


6. nurse!

I was in shock and my arm was throbbing in pain. I had small scrapts all down my arm. I was dizzy and just lying on the cement below my house. I felt warm arms wrap around me and lift me off the ground. I dozed off after that...

*5hours later*

Justin: If she doesn't wake up soon the I'm calling the nurse and if she cant come home I'm staying here with her tonight.

Dad: Justin its okay, she is my daughter. You don't have to stay with her.

I could here them but I was exhausted and didn't have the energy to open my eyes.

Justin: No its okay. It's my fault and you have to work tomorrow.

Dad: Thank you Justin.

I heard my dad leave. I was in the hospital unconscious and my dad just left...  A tear slipped from my eye because I knew he didn't care.

Justin: Hailey? Are you okay?

I didn't want him to know I was awake and crying. But I opened my eyes anyways.

Hailey: Um hey..

Justin: OMG you're awake!

Hailey: Umm yeah last time I checked.

Justin: I'm going to get the nurse!


I looked at my arm and burst into tears. They had an HIV and liquid was flowing into me, probably going to make me gain weight. My cuts were showing and has bandages on them.

He rushed to my side and hugged me.

Justin: They want to be healthy. Its going to be okay.

Hailey: Yeah not like anyone cares about me anyways...  I mumbled this in hopes that he wouldn't hear me. I looked up at Justin and there were tears in his eyes.

Justin: Please don't say stuff like that.

Hailey: Please don't cry.

Justin: It hurts t here you think of yourself that way.

Hailey: Well my dad doesn't care, my mom doesn't care either. I have no friends.

Justin: oh...

Hailey: I'm sorry, I know I have you.

Then a nurse walked through the door.

Nurse: Heyyy Justin.

She bit her lip as she said that. I wanted to punch her face out.

I guess Justin knew what I was thinking because he kissed my cheek.

She "anciently" bent over and stuck her ass in the air. I wanted to kill her now. I jumped up not caring about the pain I just caused my body as the HIV line ripped out of my arm. I  walked over to her. I was almost their and my vision started getting blurry and then I dropped to the floor. I watched her reaction. She laughed. She skipped over to Justin and went in to kiss him. My vision was so blurry that I could barely see anything. I screamed at her and she forced Justin to lay down.

Nurse: Justy come on, have some fun".

Hailey: Get the f&*% off my boyfriend!!
She started making out with him and I couldn't tell if he was even rejecting her.

I looked around the room and crawled to a pair of sharp medical scissors. I held them to my neck. This is it, nobody will even care or even notice I'm gone. Right when I was about to cut my neck a nurse burst through the door and started yelling. This wasn't going to stop me.

I pushed the blade against my neck.

This was it....



Authors note*

Im so sorry it took so long to update. Again pls pls pls pls favourite and like and comment if you want me to update.







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