Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


4. Invitations

"Hey" I said quietly in response. Seriously, hey!? Is that really all you could think of? Jesus Hailey, a hot guy also your neighbour just greeted you and you just said hey. "My names Hailey". "Hmmmm I like that name for you but I think cutie suits you better". My heart just screamed, he is so flirty but perfect and hot at the same time. "Haha liar"  I playfully hit him. "Nahh I'm not into lying much". Okay i needed to get a grip of myself. I'm not going to fall for him this easy. "JUSTINN, HAILEY DINNERS READY!!!!". Wait we are staying for dinner? since when? Justin took my hand and lead me to the kitchen but I pulled my hand away as soon as Pattie and my dad came into view. I didn't want them asking any questions. Especially since we had just met 10 minutes ago. I think Justin knew what I was thinking because he didn't question it.


Dinner was good and now we were all sitting in the living room talking when Justin whispered to me. "I want to show you my room". "Haha I have already seen it, my window is right beside yours". He made a pouty face but took me by the hand and dragged me upstairs. I wasn't 100% comfortable being alone with him in his bedroom but I wasn't going to say that. He sat me on his bed and he sat on his desk chair. "You should take off that jacket, you look hot". I was worried now and I guess he could tell because of what he said. "Don't worry I'm  not trying to have sex with you". "No its fine" I sad because I remembered my cuts didn't cover up that well today. "Please" he said I want to see something". 


I gave him my jacket. He hung it up  over to me and then sat beside me. "Your beautiful". "Says you" I laughed. "ME"? He made a double chin face and I started laughing uncontrollably. He probably realized how terrible my laugh was but oh well. All of a sudden he grabbed my wrist and I tried not to scream of pain cause there were pretty fresh cuts and they started bleeding on his hand. I couldn't even look at his eyes now. I jumped up and started to run and he grabbed my waist. "Don't even think about it". "I'm sorry" I whispered as a tear fell from my eye. He lifted my chin and whipped my tear away and sat me back down. " Please stop hurting yourself". " yeah easier said then done" I said as another tear ran down my face. He came closer and kissed me softly on the lips. The butterflies in  my stomach went crazy. There was a sudden knock on the door which made us both jump and Pattie walked in. "Um sorry i hope I wasn't interrupting something, Hailey your dad wants you to come home now and Justin come say goodbye". She left and Justin got me my jacket. "Here's my number" he wrote it on my hand in pen. I nodded. He went in for another kiss so a dodged him, laughing and running down stairs. Once we got to the adult I knew I was safe. Justin came down stairs with  a pouty face and I laughed. Pattie had a questioning look on her face but she just let it go. I hugged Justin a Pattie goodbye and thanked Pattie for dinner.


As soon as I got home I flopped down on my bed and texted Justin and Immediately got a rely.

"Hey sexy"

"Hey cutie"

"Look out ur window"

I was confused but then there was a big crash against my window and Justin waved to me I looked down and he had thrown a tennis ball at it. He signaled me to open my window and I did.

"I never got my goodbye kiss" he frowned

"Oopsies" I giggled

"Be right back"

I forgot to purge my dinner and it might already be to late but Justin doesn't want a fat girl so I think its worth a shot. I ran to my bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat. This was normal to me so it didn't hurt anymore. Lucky for me it worked and all my food was now in my toilet I quickly flushed, brushed my teeth and ran back to my window. But Justin was gone. My bedroom door opened and he ran over and hugged me.

"What are you doing here"

"Keeping you from doing that again".

"I have to" I broke out into sobs.

He carried me to my bed and laid me down. He crawled in beside me and held me. That's the last thing I remember.





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