Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


3. First impressions

We pulled up to the house and I felt a little relief because it didn't look half bad. It was blue with white details. It had a big front yard and porch. It looked like the same size or even bigger then my old house. I could my dad was waiting for a reaction and I was still mad at him so I just went inside with a blank expression on my face.


I walked in and was amazed. This place must have cost every penny he had. I ran straight upstairs, anxious to see my new bedroom. I ran into the first door I saw and I was disappointed my dad would get this room because it was gorgeous and I was worried about this room taking up the whole upper floor and there was no room left for me. But then I saw it.. My room was huge!! They had turquoise walls and a king bed with big windows. Then I saw IT.  My attached bathroom and walk in closet. It was really spacious and perfect. I went and looked out the biggest window and then I realized something... One window was really close to the neighbours windows and when I looked into the neighbours window and it seemed to be a teenage boys. Great I can't wait for him to be watching me change when I forget to close the blinds. This room also had something my old room didn't. A little cute balcony. Jeez how lucky was? I'm starting to think this move wasn't so bad.


My dad came in, interrupting my thoughts. "what do you think" he asked. "It's perfect, thank you", I gave him a well deserved hug. As if on queue the power went off because it was storming. "wow the weather is welcoming". I laughed at that agreeing. "How about we go meet the neighbours and then get takeout" he suggested because we had an electric stove. Eh I liked the takeout idea but not so much meeting the neighbours. I didn't need another player wanted to use me and then dump me like the rest. I didn't want to be rude so I agreed anyways. But first I had to change out of my sweats and hoodie. I put on light wash jeans wash, V-neck mint green t-shirt with a leather jacket over top . I touched up my makeup on my arm to cover my scars and brushed my hair. I wasn't trying to impress anyone but I didn't want to look like a slob, first impressions count.


We walked up the steps to the porch and rang the door bell. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. A young woman came to the door and greeted us. She introduced herself as Pattie and invited us in. "I apologize for my lazy, sleeping son, Justin" she said in an apologetic voice. Personally I was okay with it, actually kind of relieved. I realize I haven't given him a fare chance but I have never had  much luck with boys. A voice spoke interrupting my thoughts and O-M-G. I just froze. He. was. hot. LIKE REALLY HOT. I could tell her had just woken up from a nap because his hair was messed but it suited him and looked sexy. I must have been staring because he just winked at me. I awkwardly looked away like I wasn't looking at anything. He walked over to me and my heart raced. "Hey my names Justin" he smiled.




Thank you so much for reading. Its still short but im trying to make them longer sowwy. UGH school tomorrow but I will at least make one update tomorrow but 2 if I get more likes. pls like, favourite and comment or email me at with any ideas or suggestions



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