Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


2. Change is good... right?

~~A tear slipped my my eye and ran down my cheek. I was going to miss this, a lot. More tears were freeing themselves now. I loved this house, more then the others. My dad came interrupting my thoughts. "Its time to go Hailey". He gave me an awkward side squeeze and left me alone again. I grabbed my bags and headed for the car.


My dad was quite and didn't say anything for a long time. " Hailey I'm really sorry about this" he apologized. "It's fine", I lied. Maybe I was getting okay with it after all the times we moved . But I wasn't really "fine" with leaving my favourite house we had ever lived in. He spoke again, "It was a very good job opportunity for me and this is the last move, I promise". I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, okay, that's what you said last time". I felt bad making him feel guilty but he doesn't even think about me when he decides to move again. "This is the last time, I promise". I snapped when he said that. "STOP LYING TO ME, GOD DAMMIT I WISH I COULD LIVE WITH MOM". "NOT MY FAULT YOUR MOM IS A DRUNKEN BITCH". I was sobbing now. I hated when he talked about mom that way. " She's better then you, she actually thinks about me" I said in between sobs but he came out as only a whisper. "Hailey..", "don't" even start" I cut him off. He was reaching over to pat my leg but I quickly brushed his hand away. We fought a lot so I knew things would blow over fast. I adjusted my pillow against the car door window and pretended to sleep to avoid any more conversation.


We drove for about three more hours and then I secretly peeked open my eyes for a second when my dad wasn't looking and saw the "welcome to Ontario" sign. This was a new beginning. New house. New friends. New boyfriends. This was it.




short again I know, I literally re wrote this 5 times. updating again tonight. pls email me at if you have any ideas or suggestions. also please become a fan, like and favourite. it means so much to me <333



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