Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


13. Abuse

I woke up the best way that anyone could wake up, being held in warm, loving arms. He breathed in softly. His breath was hitting the back of my neck. I moved myself as close to him as humanly possible. He groaned in his sleep hopefully I didn't wake him. I lay their listening to him breath. It was peaceful. I dreaded the time of his wake. More so then I would have thought I would. He was beautiful. Inside and out. This life is ones of a princess. A princess fairy tail is a life I don't have. I fear the future. I fear the loss and heartache. I had never experienced something so magical and strong as love. Love only happened to perfect people with perfect lives. I am in no way perfect so love would never find its way into my life.

He groaned and pulled me against him. His warm chest was comforting, pushing my thoughts away. "Hello beautiful" he said in his sleepy voice. "Morning sexy" I teased. I yawned and stretched a my legs out. He wrapped his legs around mine keeping me still. "I am not going anywhere" I stated. "I know but I like being close to you" he said melting my heart. His words made my cheeks turn pink. I was fortunate that he couldn't see my face. His was laying behind while his nose was almost touching my neck. "Turn around" he ordered. I didn't question his order instead I just did it. My were now staring into his. He smiled a tired smile at me. He suddenly wrapped his arms around me and rolled me on top of him. I giggled a childish laugh. He swiftly sat up and kissed me passionately. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I parted my lips when he requested entrance with his tongue. A groan escaped from the back of my throat. The kiss was slow and passionate. Justin stopped and placed his forehead on mine, staring into my eyes.

"As much as I am loving this, I am hungry" he said smirking to himself. Well I would have to agree with the first half". "Lets go eat" he said as he jumped up. I groaned and fell back down out of laziness. "Get up lazy butt" he mocked. "You can go, I will stay and keep guard of your bed". "No you are coming and you don't have a choice". He scooped me up bridel style and started running and spinning me. I screamed and kicked to get loose of his grip.

Before I managed to escape Justin's we reached the kitchen. He set me down on top of the counter. I was sitting with my legs draggling over the side of the counter.

"Good morning everyone" Pattie said joyfully. Honestly she scarred me. I hadn't seen her coming and I felt kind of naked. "So Justin where were you last night, I never heard you come downstairs". Oh shit.




Going back to this style writing ( Like a real book).




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