Stressed, depressed and with Justin

Justin Bieber
Depressed struggling girl
Come together
Will they last?


14. Abuse part2

What was he going to say. I didn't want Pattie to know that we broke her rules. Would she be mad? Hopefully not to mad. She already felt like the mom I never had much of.

"Sorry we fell asleep watching the movie" he nailed it, he was the best liar ever. I usually don't support lying but he had no choice. "Its okay, just no funny business Justin". "Jeez mom you are embarrassing". Well um this is slighty awkward. She probably thinks I had sex with her son. Ugh could this get any worse? "Hailey, Your dad phoned last night worried about you. He just said he would be at work today but just to come home when you want". Of coarse it got worse. "Oh okay thanks Pattie" I replied. "He is worried about you" Justin chimed in. "Wait, how would you know"? "Well um.. You know we exchanged numbers so he could keep in contact with me well yeah, he texted me last night". "Oh..". I was scared about how mad he would be. "He isn't mad" Justin reassured me as if he could read my mind. "Well you guys help yourself, I am off shopping. Hailey feel free to stay as long as you like" Pattie said stepping into her shoes and heading out the door. Once the door closed my attemtion went back to Justin. He was trying his hardest not to laugh. "JUSTIN ITS NOT FUNNY". "YEAH IT IS". I hit him playfully.

Justin started making pancakes for breakfast. He moved swiftly around the kitchen objecting to my help. I sat and watched as I would occasionally brush him with my leg. "You are such a tease" he complained. " Then come here" I ordered. He walked over to me and placed his hands down on either side of me. He was standing in between my to hanging legs. He started rubbing my thighs making me self conscious. "Baby don't think about it" he said in a sympathetic voice. He crashed his lips into mine. I responded immediately. Wrapping my arms and legs around him, pulling him closer.

My phone started ringing. I didn't want to stop but Justin did and told me to answer it.

Hailey- Hello?


Justin looked sorry in his eyes. I nodded at him to reassure him that I was fine.


Hailey- Okay whatever bye.

I sighed and dreaded going back home. "What are we going to do because this is my fault. I made you stay last night" Justin said with guilt. " No Justin it's fine". "Im scared for you Hailey". "Justin he is my dad not a monster". "I know but what if he hurts you". "He wouldn't do that to me Justin". "I am coming home with you". "You don't need to do that for me Justin".

Justin got dressed and then we headed back to my house after our breakfast. I got dressed in black high waisted skinny jeans and a floral blouse. My dad wouldn't be home for 2 hours so we watched random TV shows.

When my garage door opened, my heart skipped a beat.

Authors note

I know its short but I just wanted to give you something. Next chapter is going to be called abuse part3 its what the past two chapters are leading up to. Hope you had a good christmas :)



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