Find out about what Dauntless is like growing up!


2. Chapter Two

"What the hell? We have to go now eat an apple on the way to school!" Zeke mutters as he drags me out of the door by my arm that my Father just dragged me in with.

"Hey man i'm not a kid i don't need dragging about!" I protest to Zeke

"Well your doing a good job at acting like one!" He fires back with a small smile

We laugh all the way to the train stop

We meet Marlene, Shauna and Hec at the train stop "Hey what's up?" Zeke said to Shauna and they walked a few steps to talk in private as did Hec and Kee. As did Lynn with her other friend that i don't know. Just me and Mar. 

"So just us then now then" i looked over at the others.

"Yeah i guess so, what did you get dragged in for this morning?" she says 

"There was no orange juice that my dad likes so i ran to the store to get some or he would flip" i said smiling

We started laughing, then the train came. 

There was a buzz of adrenaline and adventure, everyone cheering and punching up to the sky. The train was closer now i started running towards the door, i could see Kee struggling, i was already on the train but no one was helping her, Hec was shouting for someone to help her. I looked at everyone just ignoring Hec and I looked at him. 

"Hec! I'll get her!" i shouted over the buzz of the young dauntless

I jump off the train with Zeke shouting for me to get back on and leave her "Just leave her Uri!" he shouts 

"No you pansycake! I'm not leaving a little kid on her own to get herself back to dauntless!" I shout back

I run across the platform and lift Kee onto the train where her older brother Kenzo is helping her get safe then he grabs me and pulls me on the train along with her. 

"Thanks Uriah, she wouldn't have made it i should have helped her in the first place" he said as he squeezed my shoulder. A few more dauntless came over and help me to my feet again. I am stunned. At myself. I would have never have done this on a normal day. Today is not a normal day.




Aptitude test day

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