Find out about what Dauntless is like growing up!


3. Chapter Three

The train arrives at school. We are ready to run. Dauntless are getting ready, some are jumping up and down like they were on a bouncy castle. I started the shouting when we jumped off the train. I was the first to jump. I landed on my feet and started running towards the prison looking school. 

"Go to lessons now please" an erudite teacher said to me when we got there we were twenty minutes late which is 'unacceptable' i rolled my eyes when he said this as i walked away to maths class

"Get back here now!" he yells 

I start running away from him. I walk down the corridors a never ending maze even though i'm dauntless i am scared of running into that erudite teacher again.I find my classroom with nobody i know there, i open the door. The door slams with a bash. 

"Nice for you to join us what's your name young man?" The candor woman said with a small sarcastic smile 

"Uriah" i say back with the same sarcastic smile she showed me 

"Uriah?" she was obviously asking for my surname 

"Uriah Pedrad" I say as i roll my eyes at her 

She pointed at a desk with an erudite sitting there on her own, great a goddamn erudite, a never ending talking machine about anything. Algebra, Trigonometry the list goes on they don't even talk to anyone just to themselves. I've realised that there is different factions sitting together. Behind me there was an amity and a dauntless sitting together, it's weird seeing them together.

"Hey" i say to the erudite next to me

"Hello" she says looking at me, squinting as if she were weighing and measuring me

"What's your name?" I say 

"Sophia, what's your's?" she asks me 

"I'm Uriah, you can call me Uri if you want" i say smiling a little 

"Uriah Pedrad listen to me if you don't start paying attention you will be sent to the principal!" she shouts 

I roll my eyes, looking at her. "Get out now!" She screams 

I get up and walk to the door, i look at the candor woman, i stick my middle finger up at her "That's what i have to say to your fucking lesson" 



I see Sophia smile

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