Find out about what Dauntless is like growing up!


4. Chapter Four

I see the erudite man walking down the corridor, he has seen me and he is holding a clipboard and pen. He walks closer i think about making a break for it but it would be cowardly, i don't want Zeke getting a bad idea about me. 

"Hello, young man i believe we met this morning?" he puts his hand out for me to shake i look at the hand and shake it with no effort at all i don't want to get on the wrong side of this man but i think i'm already in the middle of it.

"Yeah we did sorry about that i had been a bit reckless this morning" i said as calmly as possible trying not to punch him in the face

"A bit you were crazy, typical dauntless" he said looking me up and down

"Don't talk about my faction like that you erudite" i say with a sprinkle of aggression in my voice

"I believe i am the adult here young man" he says back with the same smile the candor woman gave me when i was in her lesson

I go to throw a punch at the teacher but he grabs my fist and pushes it down

"You wouldn't dare" he said as lines appeared in his forehead. "Go to the principle's office now" he mutters not bothering to take interest in me now

I roll my eyes at him and start walking down corridor after corridor, i see the exit to the school, i should but i can't i need to go back to the Hub and take my aptitude test. I see Marlene and Lynn. I run up to them and scare them both by setting my hands on their shoulder. "Hey, pansycakes" i say with a laugh

"Hey, where were you?" Lynn says

"I got in trouble with a new teacher" i say as a look up at the building

"I'm scared" says Marlene

"Why?" i say me and Lynn look at her as if she is a meal

"What if i'm divergent?" Marlene says as she looks down at her shoes

"You won't be, i promise" i say 

We start running toward the building, the doors are still closed though so we have to wait in the glacial outside cold. Thankfully our door opens first and we run in and sit at the dauntless table. We all laugh. But i sit there not talking. I must be giving dauntless a bad reputation because Lynn and Marlene nudge me and engage me in conversation. The erudite volunteer holds up her hand, i'm still talking and being as loud as a hyena like all the other dauntless, the erudites glare at us. Sophia. She smiles at me and i smile back. "Who are you smiling at Uri?" Lynn whispers

"No one just a reflex i guess" i say with a small, skinny smile

She called out eight names two from each faction then she called out names for dauntless. "From dauntless Uma Piper and Uriah Pedrad" she shouted over the talking of the candor. They were arguing about which faction is the best with the erudite. Lynn and Marlene looked at me and smiled, i smiled to and waved goodbye. 


I tried to look fearless

But inside i'm terrified 

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