Find out about what Dauntless is like growing up!


1. Chapter One

School. Ugh. I hate this place what is the point in going to school. Only dauntless hate school. Everyone else is normal, not dauntless. The classrooms are boring and colourless. Wooden tables and wooden chairs that really hurt your butt. I've been sick to death of school since the first day. The only goal I have is being a dauntless leader and completing dauntless initiation. 

I open my eyes. Monday morning, Hell. I walk over to the bathroom, brush my teeth. The mint burns my gums and i cough like my lungs are going to eject out of my face.

"What the hell are you doing in there Uri?!" Zeke shouts

"Brushing my teeth idiot" i say back smiling even though he can't see me

He opens the door and looks at me, with a smile and he picks me up by the waist and shoves me out of the bathroom which i was in for half an hour just going in the shower and brushing my teeth. I get ready first by applying deodorant, i walk over to my wardrobe and pull out a casual set of clothes to wear. Black. All of my clothes are black i would get killed if i had any other colour clothes. My parents are very dedicated to dauntless and it's ideal look.

"We have school you know Zeke you should hurry up" i called from outside the bathroom

"Shit! I forgot!" Zeke shouts

"Hey stop cussing kid" My Father shouts he starts laughing

Zeke gets ready when I make breakfast for us. Bacon and egg on toast. Heaven. No orange juice for breakfast. I run to the door of our apartment. Most dauntless live in apartments if not everyone. We don't need living space we just need somewhere to sleep and eat and sit down and play video games that's all my family need really, we socialise a lot in the Pit. I put my black shoes on and not bothering to tie the shoelaces i juts tuck them into my shoes and they tickle my feet. I forgot to put socks on. I run to the store to get juice. Zeke will probably be wondering where i am but i should be quick unless i accidentally bump into my friends on the way...

I start to slow down when i reach the store and i walk fast into the store and grab the juice and run back with the carton of the juice turning my hand into an ice cube. When i return about two doors away form my apartment i see Marlene. I decide to go see her i put the juice down outside my door and knock on the door and run over to Marlene. 

"Boo!" i shout as i put my hands and her shoulders, she's with Lynn and Hec. 

"Stop it you idiot" She says over the laughing of Lynn and Hec 

"What are guys doing tonight?" i ask

"Nothing we are just going to hang out in the Pit" Lynn replies 

Hec rolls his eyes and goes in his apartment and slams the door behind him. 

"What's wrong with him?" i ask 

"I don't know, he's been angry a lot lately" Lynn mutters 

"Hey Uri get in here now and eat you silly kid" My Father shouts as he walks out in his black clothes he grabs my arm and drags me in the apartment. I wave to Lynn and Marlene with my free hand and i stick me tongue out them. Lynn sticks up her middle finger at me laughing.

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