My Angel //L.H

After her dad died Dillon started to slip away from her life and into a nightmare , all she wanted to do was escape. When she finally gets the chance , somthing big happens; bigger than she could ever imagine...


1. Prologue

Dillon's POV


"Bye mum!" I shout up the stairs "bye honey, have fun!" she replies as I pull open the front door and jogg out to the car, where I see my dad pulling stupid faces at me. I stick my tongue out back at him and get in the car.


"Right dill, where we going?" Dad asks "Jasmine's house please" I answered smiling at him."TO INFINITY AND BEYOND" he shouts as he starts the engine, I giggle as we pull out of the driveway and set of down the road.


As usual our conversation is filled with dad cracking tons of jokes and both of us laughing our heads off. I'm pretty sure I have the best dad in the whole world. 


A few minutes later we turned around a corner and there is a pair of headlights speeding towards us. Dad tries to swerve around them but it is to late, they slam into the side of our car and we flip over into the middle of the road.


"DAD!" I scream; no answer. "DAD!" I scream again; still no answer. I try to sit up and I feel a stabbing pain in my hip so I lay back down. Scared, helpless and then everything goes black.




I suddenly awoke with a layer of sweat on my forehead, I look around me and realise I'm in my living room. I sit up and rubb my eyes, I feel tears on my cheeks, I let out a sigh and walk over to the mirror and try to wipe off some of my running makeup. Which ends up just making it worse. I turn around and see a handwritten note on the coffee table.

It read:


I couldn't wake you up, you looked so peaceful. Australia tomorrow! I'm so excited! See you in the morning. Logan. xx


I smile down at the note in my hand. I don't know what I would do without Logan, he and Jasmine are the only people that can make me happy since the accident.


He's the best brother I could ask for.


Oh and about Australia. My mum said we need a fresh start, a new life, away from the memories. Plus she got a promotion. That's what I think this is all about. Work. All she ever does is work and drink.


She promised she'd try to be more supportive for me and Logan. I have to look after my brother all on my, he's only 12, and he's lost both of his parents. We only have each other now.


I climb the two flights of stairs up to my bedroom, it is at the very top of the house. There are only two things I was going to miss about England, one is Jasmine (my bestfriend) and the other is my bedroom. This room is my safe place. The only place where I can be alone.


I change into my pyjamas. And go into my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Everything is so bear. Most of our belongings have been shipped to Australia already, other than the essentials of course.


I get into bed and take a photograph out from under my pillow, it is of me and my dad two years ago at my 14th birthday party. "Goodnight daddy" I whisper kissing the picture of him. Then I drift of to sleep with a tear running down my cheek.




Hello! This is my first fan fiction, well actually first proper story I have ever written, so I'm sorry if it sucks. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy it! -Becca xx





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