My Angel //L.H

After her dad died Dillon started to slip away from her life and into a nightmare , all she wanted to do was escape. When she finally gets the chance , somthing big happens; bigger than she could ever imagine...


3. Chapter 2


Dillon's POV


"Dillon! Get ready, we're going to the Irwin's in half an hour!" mum shouts from downstairs.


I swear over the last 2 days mum has smiled more times than in the past 7 months since dad died. I hadn't realised how much I missed her being happy. 


We have been unpacking all day so I'm wearing sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, "definitely need a better outfit" I mumble to myself. I start digging through my wardrobe which is HUGE; my clothes only fill about a third of it. I think it's about time for a shopping spree!


Eventually I find an outfit which I like however I'm not really the best with dress codes so... Lets just hope everyone else doesn't turn up in super posh clothes.

 (A/N Outfit below!)


I go downstairs and sit with Logan on the sofa. "So how are you liking Australia so far?" I asked him, " I love it so much, I mean look at our house! And my room is so much bigger than the one back in England."


I can't blame him for liking OZ, when our dad died he changed, he is so young and it had a big impact on him. His friends didn't like being around him after that, they said he was boring and too quiet. Some friends right? 


"What about you?" he asked me, "it's OK i guess, but I miss Jasmine. Being away from her is the worst." I notice him looking at his hands and playing with his fingers which he always does when he's thinking, I know I've reminded him of Harrison, his ex-bestfriend. Harrison was the one that came up with the idea of ditching Logan.


"But it has only been a day, it's got to get better!" I say trying to change the subject, which I think worked because he looked up at me and smiled.


"It's time to go!" mum said as she walked down the stairs. We walked out onto our huge driveway while mum got her cake out of the fridge, I don't think I'm ever going to get used to this place. 



"It smells delicious!" mum compliments Anne as she leads us through the house "thank you Tina", she has a warm smile plastered across her face, "it's not quite ready yet but your very welcome to take a seat". "Nonsense I'll come help you". 


Me and Logan follow behind them intently listening to their conversation. Mum has actually made a friend! That's very unlike her, we're used to the slutty drinking buddies and random men she brings home. I'm happy for her.


Anne turns to us, "Ashton, Lauren and Harry are down there", she gestures down the stairs next to us, "I'll shout when it's ready, have fun!". 


At the bottom of the stairs there is one room equipped with a TV with a variety of game consoles, a few bean bags, a huge sofa and a drum kit and guitar in the corner. 


"Hey! Look who's here!" Ash shouts as we come down the stairs he pauses his game, Fifa I think, and wraps his arms around me in a hug. He releases me and laughs, "Sorry I'm a hugger".


"That's alright" I smile.


We both sit down and he hands me a controller. "Oh, I'm really not that good" I frown at the at the controller in my hands; I used to play with dad all the time but I haven't played since the accident. I used to be really good too for Christ's sake I used to beat my dad. And he said he was 'the best in the whole of his uni dorm block'.


As Ash starts the game everything starts flooding back and I'm actually winning!


"YES! SUCK ON THAT IRWIN!" I scream once I score the winning goal. Logan, Harry and Lauren all cheer and join in with my victory dance. "Okay little miss 'oh, I'm not really that good ", Ash attempts to mimic my voice with a high pitched, girly squeak, "your on!"


He jumps off the sofa and turns on his speakers, All Time Low starts playing, I love all time low!


Ash stands in the middle of the room with his eyes closed as the songs slow beginning passes by. As the music speeds up he starts stepping from side to side and clicking his fingers, oh god. 


The music reaches it's climax; Ash opens his eyes and starts performing tons of corny dance moves like the sprinkler and cabbage patch. He's continues moving his body in time to the music while we all burst out laughing. He shimmys over to me and holds out his hand, "may I have this dance?" he asks in a very posh voice. "Yes, Ashton, you may!" I giggle as I take his hand. He swings me into the middle of the room and I can't help but let out a small squeal, he laughs at me and continues with his cheesy dance routine.


I join in with his clumsy versions of the running man and shopping trolley. Eventually we both fall to the floor in a heap of laughter. Normally I'm not this crazy around new people but I guess I'm just comfortable around him, this is the most fun I've had in ages.


"Nice moves" an unfamiliar voice comes from behind me, like Ashton's, it is Australian but not quite as distinctive as Ash's.


I sit up and turn around to look at the stranger in the room.  


I'm greeted by a fascinating pair of blue eyes that look straight into my green ones. I feel my face go red as I realise that this boy I don't know just saw me doing the flipping shopping trolley. 


My palms go sweaty and my heart skips a beat as his beautiful eyes scan my body. I do the same to him. 


His blond hair is styled carefully into a quiff but not over the top styled, not full of hairspray or gel. It's perfect.


Black skinny jeans that hug his legs have rips that show the bare skin on his knees. A black shirt hangs loosely over his torso with blink 182's logo on the front, one of my favourites.


He's tall but good tall not freakishly tall.


My eyes meet with his again and he is standing frozen, taking in my appearance. I feel I should have made more of an effort now; chosen a better outfit or done something with my hair instead of leaving it natural.


"Jesus Luke, how long have you been there? You scared me!" Ash raises his voice as he gets up, his voice pulls us both back to reality. "Long enough to know your a crappy dancer, Ash" he replies with a smirk, "but you on the other hand..." his eyes once again meet with mine and his smirk turns into a grin, "are pretty damn good."


I feel heat rise to my cheeks and I look down at my feet, hoping he won't notice.


"Oh yeah! Luke this is Dillon and this is Logan" Ash gestures to us, "they just moved in next door". Luke waves at Logan and holds his hand out in front of me, I go to shake it and when our skin meets I get butterflies in my stomach and sparks seem to fly between us. His skin is so soft and his hands are considerably bigger than mine but they seem to fit like two jigsaw pieces.


I look up at him and I can't keep the grin of my face. "It's nice to meet you" the words roll of his tongue, I never thought anyone's voice could be so perfect.


"Nice to meet you too" my voice sounds so small compared to his. His grin widens "You're English! I love English accents, you sound so cute!". I blush again, I'm never this lovey dovey, how is he doing this!?


"Not as cute as Australian accents!"


"Oh yeah?" He is standing so close that I can feel his breath on my skin.




Ash's voice once again pulls us out of our own little world. "Okay, I have no idea what's gong on here", he gestures between us, "but can I remind you there are small children in the room and I think we would all appreciate it if you didn't rip each others clothes off".


Everyone starts giggling and Luke blushes, god he looks good when he does that.


My hand suddenly goes cold and I realise we were holding hands for the entirety of our conversation, Luke had released my hand as he took a step away from me. I instantly get the urge to hold his hand again but I hold myself back; play it cool Dillon.


"Kids, dinner's ready!" Anne shouts from upstairs, thank god that would have gotten very awkward. 


All 8 of us sit around the dining table; I sit in between Logan and Ash with Luke opposite me. "This looks amazing Anne!" I say staring at all the food with wide eyes, "well, Mrs Irwin is the world's best cook" Luke says. My gaze moves from the array of food on the table to his eyes, I realise he was already staring at me and a smile spreads across my lips.


"Aww, thank you Luke but I couldn't have done it without Tina", Mum and Anne exchange a smile, "it was my pleasure". Mum is cooking again too, how the hell has moving to Australia changed her this much!?


We all sit down and pile the delicious food onto our plates.


"Hey Dillon, you and Luke are both 16 so you will be in the same year at school, I'm guessing you're going to Northwest Christian College right? The one just down the road?" Ash asks me. "Yup I'm pretty sure I am" I reply "great s-" Ash starts but Luke interrupts  " that means we can walk to school together, I live like 2 minutes away" Luke beams at me. Thank god I will actually know someone at school, that is always the most nerve racking part about moving, "sounds great!".


I look down the table at everyone else, Logan and Lauren are also talking about school, they're going to be in the same year too. 


Mum and Anne are laughing as Harry stuffs mashed potato in his mouth making it drip down his chin. 


I think we are going to be really happy here, everything is already so much better.


The rest of the meal flies by, we tell everyone all about England and where we are from, leaving out the dad part. Luke and Ash tell me about school, Ash used to go there but he graduated last year. And we have lots of other weird and wonderful conversations.


Once we are all finished mum, Anne, Logan, Lauren and Harry take all the pots into the kitchen leaving me, Ash and Luke alone. Ash speaks first "Luke is sleeping here tonight so you can stay for a bit longer if you want, Dillon" "OK, shall we go back downstairs?"; they both mummer in agreement and head to the basement.


"Hey guys, who's are the drums and guitar?" I turn around to look at the boys who are both curled up on the sofa on their phones. Luke's mesmerising eyes draw away from the screen and focus on me, "uhh...the drums are Ash's and the guitar is mine... were in a band" he runs his hands through his hair nervously, shivers travel down my back, holy sugar plums. But why is he so nervous?


"You're in a band!! That's awesome!! What are you called? How many other people are in it? Can I listen to some of your music?" my eyes widen with excitement and a wave of relief washes over Luke's frowning face. Ash looks up from his phone and smiles, "well that's a relief we thought you were going to think we were weird like every one else does" he smiles at Luke and Luke glares at him "not everyone thinks were weird we do have friends..." I giggle at his awkwardness.


"So? What are you called?" I repeat myself. Luke answers me "Well, we don't exactly have a name yet we're still trying to come up with something. But I can tell you there are 4 of us; me, Ash, Calum and Micheal, they were going to come tonight but they couldn't make it. And were kind of like a punk pop ish band, we only have a few songs of our own so far and we mainly do covers..." he carries on explaining the kind of things the band does and what Calum and Micheal play. I can see the passion in his eyes and can instantly tell that this is his dream.


A smile places itself on my face as his words mumble together because he is talking so fast, he is obviously very self conscious about this stuff.


Without thinking I step towards him and take his hand in mine, "Luke, calm down. I love that your in a band it's so cool! You don't need to be so worried." He returns my smile and the tension leaves his body.


We sit down next to each other on the sofa and put how I met your mother on the TV. Ash's legs are spread out next to me meaning me and Luke are squashed up together, my legs are thrown over his and his arms are around my waist. I don't think I have ever been more comfortable.


3 episodes later I decide I should probably go home, Ash is snoring next to me so I whisper up to Luke. When he doesn't reply I awkwardly twist my head around to see him fast asleep with his head resting against the arm of the sofa. The creases in his face disappear as every muscle in his body relaxes, the only movement is the rise and fall of his chest with every breath. His eyelids are gently shut revealing long, perfectly curled eyelashes. His plump lips are slightly parted and every now and then I hear him take in a breath. 


What I wouldn't give to be able to fall asleep in his arms right now. 


I carefully pry his arms away from my waist and pull myself up off his lap. I turn off the TV, grab my phone and jacket and start making my way to the stairs but turn around to look at sleeping Luke again. 


A grin is plastered across my face, I tiptoe back over to his side and plant a soft kiss on his forehead "goodnight Lukey". I show myself out and walk back home. 


A/N Sorry this chapter took so long I have decided that I'm just going to update on this story whenever I feel like it so I could end up updating 3 times a day or once a month. Sorry if this annoying but I just don't want to make a big commitment to this story just yet. I hope you liked the chapter and sorry for all the cheesy shit haha -Becca xx

















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