My Angel //L.H

After her dad died Dillon started to slip away from her life and into a nightmare , all she wanted to do was escape. When she finally gets the chance , somthing big happens; bigger than she could ever imagine...


2. Chapter 1

The next morning I woke up to Logan screaming my name from downstairs and when I ignore him he runs into my room and jumps on top of me. He's clearly more excited about the move than I am. "AUSTRALIA!! Dillon we're going to AUSTRALIA!!!!!" he shouts as he jumps on my bed. OK he's a lot more excited. "Calm down" I say laughing. I look over to the door to see my mum grinning, "come on Dillon, get up, we have to be out of the house in an hour" she said while smiling. Which is really weird, I can't remember the last time I saw her smile. Logan follows her down stairs leaving me to get ready.


I put on black leggings, a nirvana shirt and a grey hoodie and pull my hair into a messy bun. I don't put any makeup on as we're going to be on a plane for the next 24 hours. I put all of my belongings that are still here either in my suitcase or travel bag and head down stairs but stop when I reached the doorway. I turn around to look at my bedroom one last time. I stare at the bare walls as a tear comes to my eye, "goodbye" I mumble as I close the door and make my way out of the house. (A/N Dillon airplane outfit below!!)




On the way to the airport I decide to text Jasmine. Every time I think about her I get an ache in my chest, I'm leaving her. I'm moving to the other side of the bloody world and leaving her here by herself. I'm such a shitty best friend.


Dillon: Missing you already, love xxxxxxxx


Dillon: I think I'm going to cry


She probably won't reply after all it is 5:00am. I plug my headphones in and play Josie by Blink 182, one of my favourites, I stare out the window at the familiar streets that I will never drive down again.





A voice from the speaker above my head draws my focus away from my book. "We will be arriving at Sydney Airport in 10 minutes time, thank you for flying with virgin airways."


I look to my left where Mum and Logan are sleeping and decide to wake them up. We all put our seat belts on and I gaze out of the window at our new home below. 





We went through customs and we were now in a taxi on our way to the house. We've been given a company car from mums work but that is already at the house along with all our furniture.


We haven't seen the house yet so when we pulled up on the driveway I was surprised. The house was a lot bigger than the one in England and it is very modern, it is in a posh part of Sydney . It took my breath away. Behind the house is a huge forest and it is on a short street with only a few houses. Hopefully there's someone I can make friends with around here. (A/N: Picture of the house below.)


We stroll through the front door hauling our bags behind us. Once were inside my mouth drops open, the inside is even more amazing than outside. Almost all the ground floor is open plan with exceptions of the bathroom and an office which I presume my mum will spend a lot of time in... great



On the right is the kitchen which has a huge breakfast bar and the most cupboards I have ever seen in a house for 3 people. Beside the kitchen is an empty space I guess your supposed to fill with a dining table. And to my left is a huge living room with big glass windows the have a beautiful view of the garden and the forest behind it. 



Of course nothing is unpacked yet so there are random boxes scattered around and our furniture is pushed into one corner.



This probably sounds really ungrateful but, as beautiful as our new home is, I hate it. Anyone would probably sell their left arm to live here and I thought I would too but its not home...  



It's not small and cosy.


It doesn't have the flowery wallpaper my dad let me pick out when I was younger.


It doesn't have stains on the ceiling of the kitchen from when pancake flipping went wrong.


It doesn't have the fire place I used to sit next to on Christmas Eve hoping to meet Santa.


It doesn't smell like burning candles and freshly baked cookies.


It doesn't have my bedroom.


And most importantly it doesn't have any memories of Dad...



I know mum said it would be good for us to leave the memories behind; that it would be less painful but I don't want to. I don't want anyone to forget about him. I want to be able to walk around my house and see him cooking diner, watching football on the TV or cutting the grass in the garden. I can't imagine him in this house, he would never live in a place like this. 


"Hey Dill, close your mouth you don't want to catch any flies" mum giggles at me pulling me out of my thoughts. I close my mouth and smile at her. "So what do you think?" she asks still smiling. How is she so happy all of a sudden after 7 months of being drunk and miserable?


"I love it" I lie through a fake smile.


"That's it!? You love it!? This is flipping amazing!" Logan screeches. He sprints across the living room and out into the garden leaving me and mum alone.


"So what do you actually think, sweetie?"


She can see straight through me. Damn it.


"I don't know... It feels like he's really gone now...You know?" I look at the floor and start tearing up.


A pair of arms wrap around my shoulders and a soft kiss is placed on top of my head.


"I know honey. I miss him too. But I promise it will get better soon" 


She hugs me again and shouts Logan inside so we can find our bedrooms.



After we found our rooms, moved around the furniture and each had a shower in our posh new bathrooms (emphasis on the 's') we decided to go and meet our new neighbours.


We went to the house on our left first and a couple, Catherine and Andy lived there with their daughter, Alicia. They seem really nice and Alicia is probably the cutest little girl I have ever seen.


Then we went to the house on our right and I rang the door bell, a boy around my age, maybe a bit older answered the door. "Hello, you must be the new neighbours! Great to meet you" he said with his strong Australian accent, he smiled revealing all his dimples. He glanced at me and I returned his smile. We all introduced ourselves and he said his name was Ashton but we could call him Ash.


He turned around and shouted his family.


A little blond boy came tumbling around a corner and stood next to Ash. "Hi I'm Harry" he grinned, revealing a gap in his teeth where one had recently fallen out, "I'm 8 now" he doesn't stop grinning. Ashton laughs at him, "his birthday was last week and he keeps telling everyone how much on a big boy he is" he explains as he ruffles Harry's hair. I giggle, kneel down so I'm roughly the same height as him and we start chatting about his birthday. 


When Ash's Mum and sister join us at the front door I stand back up and straighten out my skirt. Ash introduces us all, his mum is called Anne and his sister is Lauren, we start talking about how lovely this neighbourhood is and they give us recommendations of places to go grocery shopping. They invite us round for dinner tomorrow night and we gladly accepted. I can already tell were all going to get along.


We go back to our house and I sit on my bed, I am glad to have it back, I had been sleeping on a blow up mattress back at home once all our stuff was shipped here. I look around at my new room for the millionth time today. The room is bigger than my old room but that doesn't mean I like it any more.The walls are all white and boring and I don't have my own floor anymore, but it could be worse.

I walked over to the stack of boxes in the corner and took out a framed picture of Jasmine and me from the top box. I look down at it and I realise how much I miss her already, and I only saw her 2 days ago. 

I pick up my phone and text her.


Dillon: Heyy Jazzy baby, I miss u soooo much :(


Jasmine: Heyy Dilly baby, I miss u too :( How's Australia?? Met any hunky Aussies yet??


Dillon: There's a boy around our age next door, but i think he's more your type ;)


Jasmine: Yeah, I'm really into boys that live on the other side of the world.


Dillon: Come visit!!! I can introduce u.


Jasmine: In summer like we planned :) Skype??


Dillon: Ok, I'll call you xxx


I open the skype app and click one Jasmines contact. She answers straight away. As her face appears on the screen I get a sinking feeling in my chest, I wish she was here...


"I want to hug you so much right now" I whisper as my eyes fill with tears.


She smiles and a tear falls down her cheek. "I did't think it was possible to miss someone so much."


"Girl, this is ridiculous we saw each other 2 days ago" I say with a teary giggle. 


She laughs and wipes away her tears. "But we won't be together for a whole month!"


"Don't remind me..."


Jasmine is coming to Australia for 4 weeks when her summer holidays start but because she's in year 12 and I'm in year 11 that's a whole month after mine. A whole month without Jazzy. 4 weeks. 30 days. 730 hours. 43,800 minutes. 2,628,000 seconds. How am I going to do this?  

(A/N this might be kind of confusing if you have high school where your from but in England, in secondary school, the last year is year 11 and after you finish GCSE exams you have an extra long summer before sixth form starts.)


"Okay, stop being so emotional and give me a tour ya big cry baby!"


"Hey! You were crying too bitch!" I point my finger at her like I'm telling off a child.


She dramatically rolls her eyes and we both giggle.


I show her around the whole house and, like I was, she is blown away. "Dillon this is amazing! I can't believe my best friend lives in a place like this, your like a fucking millionaire!"


I open my mouth to reply but a dramatic cough from behind me makes me jump. I look over my shoulder to see my mum, "I wouldn't expect such awful language to come from a lovely girl like you, Jasmine Vienna Jones!" she exclaims trying to stifle a laugh but failing. 


Jasmine looks at me confused and I shrug and smile. I like this new side of mum. Or rather old side that has come back to the surface.


(A/N I just looked at this chapter on my phone and for some reason it isn't showing all the paragraphs and it screwed up all the pictures, I have no idea how to fix it so sorry about that! I'm still trying to get used to all this writing stuff but I hope you liked the chapter anyways - Becca xx)



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