Coffee Cups and Peppermint Tea

When Blaire gets a job at Rosie's cafe, no thanks to her best friend Kenna, she meets her three very weird co-workers. Anna, Marcus and Spencer. After a couple days working there, Anna begins to try set Blaire and Spencer up, much to their distaste. How will Blaire get through working with madness? With friendship, laughter and a dash of romance thats how. Follow the wild ride of Blaire and Spencer in Peppermint Tea! Anna and Marcus live in a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. They are the best of friends along with Spencer, Kenna, the new girl Blaire (aka Spencer's love interest -we can only hope-) and the new guy Leo (aka Kenna's love interest -getting freaaaaky ;)-). That is, until something happens to their beloved coffee shop...


3. Spencer

“I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world, life is plastic it’s fantastic!” Kenna sings out of tune. 
Blaire laughs. “Then why does your apron say Barbie boy?”
Kenna sends a lazy grin at her. “You love it.”
The girls were pretty fun to be around. They had the most stupid arguments about the most stupid things. One time Kenna said something about people being fussy with their coffees and Blaire shot back that it was cause she sucked at making them. Kenna had laughed and said that Blaire was the queen at comebacks.
Blaire leans back in her seat and looks over at me. “Anyone asked for a job yet?”
I shake my head. “Nah, I told Rosie to make the sign bigger but she didn’t listen.”
Blaire shakes her head. “I saw it the first day it was put up cause of the bright yellow, but thats kinda faded now.”
I nod. “Yeah, a lot.”
Kenna jumps on the spot. “Blaire you so need to apply for the job!”

“I’m a terrible cook and barista, that’s like the main reason why I come here!” Blaire exclaims.
Kenna laughs and checks her watch. “Jesus! where the hell is she?”
“Anna again?”
“Yeah, she’s late.”
I shake my head. “She’s late all the time, shouldn’t surprise you anymore Ken.”
Blaire laughs at me, “You can’t say much mister, you’re always late.”
I wink at her before making the coffees for the people at table number four.
Blaire roll my eyes at him. “You’re such a weirdo.”
I wink at her. “You love me.”
Blaire shakes her head laughing.
Suddenly Kenna turns to walk into the kitchen. “ROSIE!”
Blaire turns to look at me wide eyed. “Is she doing what I think she is doing?”
I laugh. “This is going to be hilarious.”
Kenna walks back out a few minutes later with Rosie, the cafe’s owner. Rosie was a plump woman with black hair and brown eyes. Her apron was pulled tight against her chubby tummy and was covered with flour.
Rosie takes one look at me. “Hey Blaire, Kenna said you wanted a job.”
Blaire shakes her head, “No, I-”
“Good you’re hired.” Then the plump woman stalks back into the kitchen but not before calling back over her shoulder. “Tell my your nickname later and I’ll sew it onto your apron.”
As soon as the woman disappears Blaire glares at Kenna. 
I chuckle, “Welcome Blaire to the craziness of Rosies Cafe.” Then I bend into a bow.
Blaire laughs. “You’re so weird!”
“You love it!” I shout.
Blaire sighs. “Well great now I have to think of a crazy nickname for my apron.”
Kenna laughs. “Peppermint!”
Blaire laughs again. “Yeah thats good, but I don’t think so.”
I chuckle. “Nah you have to use Peppermint, it’s so you.”
“Nooooooo, how about Bear, you know Blaire Bear?”
“No one calls you that though and you don’t like bears or look like one.” I point out.
“Shut it Generator,”  Blaire scowls. 
Thats what makes me laugh. I laugh so hard that my tummy hurts and I can’t stand on my feet anymore, so I slide onto the ground clutching my stomach.
I hear Blaire say “Is he high?”
Kenna laughs. “Nope, he just finds the word ‘Generator’ hilarious, Anna does too.”
That just makes me laugh even harder.
    For the next few hours Kenna is showing Blaire how to make some simple coffees (and her peppermint hot chocolate).
Blaire frowns. “So the caramel latte is that easy?”
I look over at what Kenna is doing. “Sweet!” Then I grab the cup of Caramel latte and sip it.
Blaire shoots me a look. “You just like Caramel don’t you?”
I grin over the cup at her. “It’s like you and Peppermint.”
Blaire nods thoughtfully as the doorbell chimes behind her. Anna breezes in and slumps in the seat beside Blaire.
“Sorry I’m late!, class ran overtime, it’s so hard at the moment.”Anna sighs.
Blaire laughs. “Not much different here, Kenna’s been teaching me how to make coffee since she forced me into a job.”
Anna sits up more in her seat. “You got a job here?”
Blaire shrugs. “Yeah.”
Anna lets out a squeal. “This is going to be soooo great!, come on I’ll show you where everything is.” Then she grabs Blaire’s wrist and drags her into the kitchen leaving Me and Kenna standing there, our ears ringing.

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