Coffee Cups and Peppermint Tea

When Blaire gets a job at Rosie's cafe, no thanks to her best friend Kenna, she meets her three very weird co-workers. Anna, Marcus and Spencer. After a couple days working there, Anna begins to try set Blaire and Spencer up, much to their distaste. How will Blaire get through working with madness? With friendship, laughter and a dash of romance thats how. Follow the wild ride of Blaire and Spencer in Peppermint Tea! Anna and Marcus live in a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. They are the best of friends along with Spencer, Kenna, the new girl Blaire (aka Spencer's love interest -we can only hope-) and the new guy Leo (aka Kenna's love interest -getting freaaaaky ;)-). That is, until something happens to their beloved coffee shop...


4. Marcus

As I enter the coffee shop after my business class, I notice the sign on the window has been changed from two spaces to one. Hey, if I had the time, I would’ve taken the job but nobody had asked and... I guess I’m scared of Rosie, the owner. This is exactly what makes Anna laugh so hard whenever she sees me walk in when shes on shift, especially when Rosies helping out. That little wicked grin spreading across her face is a sort of warning sign that something is about to go down to Chinatown.
            When I get there today, there’s a new girl helping Anna out with her shift. She seems a bit put off by Anna’s... peculiar attitude. I’m guessing she’s the one who took the job. Now, this lady is a damsel in distress - no thanks to Anna - I must save her!
“Hey Anna, let’s go have a chat!”
“Trust me I would, but Blaire over here has absolutely no idea how to work these machines yet!”
“I think she has and idea. Anyways, if everything goes bottoms up, Rosie can help out, okay?” I say winking at Blaire. She smiles at me and raises one eyebrow. Hey, I’m taking that as a thank you!
“So what did you want to say Brickface?”
“I think Blaire is... Well I think you’re a bit...”
“Too loud? Oh well, sorry! I just have so much to say...”
“Like what exactly?” I reply, raising my eyebrow slowly as a smile creeps across her face.
“Well, you see, I was talking loudly so I hoped Rosie could hear me. I was saying to Blaire that you’re getting a job here!”
“Wait what?!” I cry, looking over at Blaire who shrugs her shoulders at me.
“Hey you don’t even have to talk to Rosie except for giving her your nickname so don’t go crying over it!”
“Trust me, I’m crying inside.”
Anna runs past Blaire into the stockroom where Rosie practically lives. I hear Rosie’s excited voice and Anna’s (really loud) voice saying my name lots and lots of times. Anna reappears after a little while, handing me three brown aprons.
“Rosie said that, seeing as you’re so enthusiastic, you could recruit 3 more baristas!” she laughs with that awful wicked smile. I sigh and grab the aprons from her, raising an eyebrow at her as I stuff them into my bag.
“All you need now is a nickname!” she screams to me as she returns to help Blaire learn about the machine. It seemed as if she’d listened as she was a heck of a lot quieter!
It always feels like years waiting for Anna to finish her shift. She only has one hour left after I get here from my business class but that means 3 cups of tea, 1 hot chocolate and 4 lattes. Hey, I’m probably the one supplying most of their funds during that time.


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