Coffee Cups and Peppermint Tea

When Blaire gets a job at Rosie's cafe, no thanks to her best friend Kenna, she meets her three very weird co-workers. Anna, Marcus and Spencer. After a couple days working there, Anna begins to try set Blaire and Spencer up, much to their distaste. How will Blaire get through working with madness? With friendship, laughter and a dash of romance thats how. Follow the wild ride of Blaire and Spencer in Peppermint Tea! Anna and Marcus live in a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. They are the best of friends along with Spencer, Kenna, the new girl Blaire (aka Spencer's love interest -we can only hope-) and the new guy Leo (aka Kenna's love interest -getting freaaaaky ;)-). That is, until something happens to their beloved coffee shop...


5. Blaire

“How about no?” Spencer argues. Me and him were having an argument about how much cream to put into the iced chocolate.
“You’re not putting enough on!” I exclaim taking the cream bottle from him and putting more cream on.
Spencer growls and pushes the cup towards me. “You’ve ruined it now, you may as well have it.”
I shake my head and instead sprinkle the little chunks of chocolate and take it out to the waiting customer. Spencer gives a little outraged cry and goes to take it from me put I put it in front of the customer. “Enjoy.” I say. Then I turn to face a super grumpy Spencer.
“Excuse me, who made this ice chocolate?” I spin around to see the woman pointing at her beverage. Spencer scowls and points at me.
The woman smiles. “Well good job! Just the right amount of whipped cream.” I grin and turn to a very shocked looking Spencer. I poke my tongue out at him before walking back to the counters where Kenna and Anna are laughing their heads off. Marcus is sitting at the stool not laughing but even I can see the massive grin on his face. Spencer is walking behind me, his mouth opening and shutting like a fish. So I pat him on the shoulder. “You should feel proud Spence, you just taught me, a junior barista how to not make an Iced chocolate, so I now know not to listen to you and to go with my gut instinct.”
Spencer growls and before I know it, I am being flung over his shoulder and being walked into the kitchen. Rosie looks up instantly from telling off another one of the staff members.
“What is going on here?” she demands.
Spencer shrugs, “She was being rude.”
Rosie raises an eyebrow, “To whom, a customer?”
“No I was being rude to him,” I call over Spencer’s shoulder.
“Oh well that’s okay then, Spencer put the poor girl down.”
Spencer huffs but puts me down and storms out of the kitchen. I trail behind laughing my head off.
“You just got told!” I giggle.
Spencer punches my arm, “Shut up.”
I frown and rub the spot where his fist made contact. “Jeez calm down.”
“He’s just mad cause he got told off in front of a pretty girl.” Anna winks at me. I raise an eyebrow at her. “What?”
“Yeah what?” Spencer says.
Anna giggles. “Aww you two are just toooo cute!”
I look over at Spencer confused just as he does the same. “Do you have any idea what she is on about?” he asks.
I shake my head. “No clue.”
He nods before walking over to the counter and taking the orders of the people standing there.
I walk over to Anna. She shoots a look at Kenna before grinning at me.
“Me an Kenna think Spencers eyes are just the nicest green, and those eyelashes god! Jealous!” she babbles.
I shoot a confused look at Kenna who just smiles smugly at me.
I shake my head and walk over the the coffee maker.
“Two hot chocolates and one mocha please Blaire!” Spencer calls.
I raise my hand in a mock salute. “Aye aye Generator!” Spencer cracks a smile at that although he quickly masks it. I quickly make the drinks and hand them to Spencer. I had been practising with my parents machine at home, so I was getting pretty good.
Then I walk back to the machine and lean against the bench near Marcus.
“Hey,” I say.
He smiles. “Hey, how ya going?”
I roll my eyes. “It’s hard work proving Spencer wrong.”
Marcus chuckles. “Tell me about it!”
I grin and turn to Spencer as he calls out another order. Guess what they were? Two iced chocolates. I make then the same I did before and hand them to him. However he only takes one. He move the straw to his lips and takes a sip.
I look him confused. He just smiles. “It’s our break, thought you could use a drink.” I roll my eyes at him but smile gratefully as well.
It was funny watching Anna and Kenna working together. The would shout random stuff at each other, depending on the order. For example, when someone ordered the Caramel latte they would shout Spencers name then latte. It was quite amusing seeing as Caramel lattes were quite often ordered causing Spencer to get super confused. I had only been here for little under a week but the place and the people were really starting to grow on me.


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