Coffee Cups and Peppermint Tea

When Blaire gets a job at Rosie's cafe, no thanks to her best friend Kenna, she meets her three very weird co-workers. Anna, Marcus and Spencer. After a couple days working there, Anna begins to try set Blaire and Spencer up, much to their distaste. How will Blaire get through working with madness? With friendship, laughter and a dash of romance thats how. Follow the wild ride of Blaire and Spencer in Peppermint Tea! Anna and Marcus live in a small town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. They are the best of friends along with Spencer, Kenna, the new girl Blaire (aka Spencer's love interest -we can only hope-) and the new guy Leo (aka Kenna's love interest -getting freaaaaky ;)-). That is, until something happens to their beloved coffee shop...


1. Blaire

The cold air nipped at my nose turning it red as I made my way to the smallish coffee shop on the corner. No one really went there anymore because of the more fancy places like Starbucks.

Pushing open the door, the smell of Cinnamon and apple wafts over to me. Yum. They had been making apple pies again. I walk over to the counter and sit at one of the seats there. Kenna, the main worker and my best friend walks over.

She places my usual Peppermint slice and Hot chocolate in front of me.
“So hows it going out there?” Kenna asks.
I take my hot chocolate in my hands. The warmth of the liquid warming my palms.
“It’s freezing,” I shiver.
Kenna laughs. “That’s why I stay in here, so nice and cosy.”
I roll my eyes at her and sip my hot chocolate. The sweet flavour washes over my  , a hint of peppermint hides within the flavour of the chocolate and I smile. 

As I sit there a few more people come in and order. I watch Kenna draw people with her charm. She looks nice today for some reason, her long blonde hair was done nicely in a low ponytail that hung over one shoulder and her white blouse was ironed neatly. I raise an eyebrow at her but she doesn’t notice so I go back to sipping my minty hot chocolate.

The place was pretty much silent, so it made me jump when a girl called out, “Oi, don’t call me that Dingus!” I turn to see a brown haired boy and a red haired girl sitting in a booth by a window. She is frowning but a small smile tugs at her pouted lips and the boy is laughing. “I’m suggesting that you, Miss. Anna Banana are a world renowned dingus.” The girls mouth drops open. “Wow, no way!” They carry on for a bit longer but their voices had died down. I turn back to Kenna who is wiping down the bench. 
“They’re Anna and Marcus, nice people, bit crazy though,” Kenna says. Her head nodding in the direction of the boy and the girl.
I nod in agreement. “And loud.” Kenna tips back her head and laughs. I smile at her.

The bell of the door dings behind me and I turn again to see a boy. He was tall and well built. A grey beanie was pulled over his shaggy dark hair. Even from here I could see his eyes were a deep green. I frown. I hadn’t seen him around before. I had at least seen everyone in this bloody small town at least once.
I watch as he looks up to grin at someone behind me.
“Heya Kenna, sorry I’m late,” he calls out.
I turn around to Kenna, why eyebrows raises at her. She shrugs at my look and looks up at the boy. “Hey Spencer, don’t worry about it. No one noticed.”
Spencer walks straight up to the counter and sits at the bench beside me.
“Well I might as well take my break now an get my usual Ken.” he sends her an easy grin.
Kenna rolls her eyes at him but starts making the drink.
She places it on the bench in front of him. 
He winks at her, “Thanks Ken.”
She scowls and gives him the finger before walking out back.
I scowl after her for leaving me with a stranger. I hated sitting next to people I didn’t know.
I hear Spencer clear his throat so I glance over at him. Instead of him staring straight ahead his eyes are on me. I raise an eyebrow. “What?”
“I don’t think I’ve seen you before, who are you?”
I let out a laugh, “You must not pay much attention then, I come here everyday.”
He frowns. “Well I am normally out back.”
I roll my eyes, “Well anyway, I’m Blaire, Kenna’s friend.”
He holds out his hand and I shake it. 
“Nice to meet you Blaire, I’m Spencer.”
“I know.”
He frowns slightly before realising that Kenna had mentioned his name earlier.
“Oh right.”
I smile and turn back to my hot chocolate.
“What you got there?”
I turn back to Spencer who is pointing at my cup. I laugh. “Peppermint Hot Chocolate.”
He raises an eyebrow. “Sounds....interesting.”
“It’s really good, what about you?”
He looks down at his cup. “Caramel Mocha.”
I nod in approval. “They’re good.”
Kenna then walks back in and shoots Spencer a look. “You’re wanted back there.”
“Oh crap.”
Spencer quickly drains his coffee with a wince as the hot liquid scalds his throat.
Then with a single small movement slides off his stool and slips into the kitchen.
Kenna shoots me a look and heads out back to the now shout filled kitchen. I frown then pick up my slice and eat it. Then with a very un-lady like burp I leave money on the counter and walk out of the shop.


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