For My Father

When Marcus finds out that the army needs volunteers to fight in World War I for his country, he doesn't know what to do. Should he volunteer and make his father proud? Or stay at home with his mum and brothers and protect them like his father did?

'I'll do it. For my Father'


1. If I could die..

As I strode back from working in Mrs Mulgrew's stables, I saw Martha, her maid, cleaning in the living room. I waved cheerily at her, and she waved back shyly. I clambered through the bushes, swung from the trees, scraped my knee several times until I finally came to the gentle, flowing stream at the the bottom of the steep hill. I've came here after work every day since.. Since. Since that day. The day my father died. In front of my eyes. And I was helpless. No, Marcus, don't think about that. I rip off my socks and paddle my toes in the soothing water. I watch as the sun leaves streaks of pink and orange in the sky. I always say to myself, if I get to choose where I would die, I'd die just lying there. At least I'd die being relaxed. Not having to worry about anything. If I could die, I'd die n-....

A/N: I know it's quite short, but I thought it would be more dramatic this way.

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