City Chick to Country Gal

Mallory Mayhew. LA City girl. She has the perfect life living in the suburbs of Beverley Hills with her business man dad, fashion store chain owner mom and a few siblings that she'd rather not mention but everything's going to change. When her dad gets offered a job in rural Canada, Mallory has to pack up the bikinis and get out the wooly jumpers which is something she's never had to do. How will she manage this transition?


3. School Drama

Mallory headed over to her friends, Ashleigh, Riley, Kaitlyn, Megan, Sophie and Skylar who were all immaculately dressed. "Hi Mallory." They all said. "Hey girls." She replied. "How was Laguna this weekend?" Kaitlyn asked. "It was great! Thanks for asking." She replied. "How did it go with Logan?" Megan asked. "Let's just say things went pretty far!" She chuckled. "Oh my god! Your the greatest Mallory!" Sophie said, her and Skylar starting to laugh (there twins so there pretty similar!) "Your parents haven't found out have they? They'll hate you getting pregnant like Madelyn!" Riley said. "I'm not a slut like her! I hate her kid as she keeps me up all night so I'm pretty sure I won't like one myself! There not gonna find out anyway" Mallory scoffed. 

They walked into their homeroom and their teacher, Ms Hallford was placing bits of paper on each desk. Mallory sat down next to Ashleigh and they looked at the letter 'Trip to Paris for Art and Textiles students, visiting all major fashion stores and earning experience with design and production of top class clothing. See Miss Easton for details.' "I need to go Ash! We need to sign up! It's out dream to go to Paris of together! " Mallory squealed. "I'm texting dad he won't say no to me!" Ashleigh said, getting out her iPhone customer with a Michael Kors case an texting her dad. "This is going to be perf!" Mallory squealed.

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