City Chick to Country Gal

Mallory Mayhew. LA City girl. She has the perfect life living in the suburbs of Beverley Hills with her business man dad, fashion store chain owner mom and a few siblings that she'd rather not mention but everything's going to change. When her dad gets offered a job in rural Canada, Mallory has to pack up the bikinis and get out the wooly jumpers which is something she's never had to do. How will she manage this transition?


9. Perfect End to a Perfect Day

It was lunch time and the guys had all arrived with iced frappes in hand. Riley and Megan arrived soon after they got to the beach and lay out there towels, Riley in a maroon one-piece from Melissa Odabash, some white sandals on her feet and some hipster style sunglasses on her face from the same store, her makeup done and her blond beach waves in a ponytail. Megan was in a leopard print Melissa Odabash bikini, the same Marc Jacobs wedge sandals as Mallory but in black, her red dyed hair in a low bun, her makeup perfect and her raybans accessorising her face.

Mallory was sat on her pink striped towel with Logan who was in black Hollister swim shorts, his tanned and toned stomach out and his perfect caramel eyes covered with sunglasses hut aviators. "I've missed you babe." He said, kissing Mallory's marshmallow pink lips and fiddling with the 'M' necklace he bought her that was around her neck. "I missed you to, its been a while since we could hang out like this." Mallory said back. "I heard your mom went cray when she found out about what went on in Laguna." He said. "Yea but she got over it and bought me a Hollister gilet for Canada." Mallory said, flipping her hair in a victorious way. "I don't see why you have to go for a few months,you don't know how much I'll miss you whilst your gone." He said, Mallory not quite believing that as he had cheated on his girlfriend previous to herself. "I'll miss you to." She said, kissing him. "So how about some lunch!" Ashleigh's boyfriend, Dan said everyone shouting 'yea!' Back at him. 

After lunch and some more tanning time, the girls headed down to the water accompanied by their boyfriends (or each other in Riley and Megan's cases). Mallory felt the blue gush of water roll over her tanned, pedicured feet (her nails painted pink to match her new acrylic nails). "I bet this will be the last good day I'll have here." Mallory sighed. "As long as your back by August, we will have even more." Megan said, hugging Mallory. "By the way guys, I'm leaving next Friday and I'm not happy in the slightest." Mallory said, a tear coming to her eyes. "I don't want you to go, you will have to wear ugly jumpers and massive coats all the time." Sophie said. "Hey! I'm getting designer gear!" Mallory said laughing. This day was the best Mallory had had in a while and it was the last California day for a few months.

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