City Chick to Country Gal

Mallory Mayhew. LA City girl. She has the perfect life living in the suburbs of Beverley Hills with her business man dad, fashion store chain owner mom and a few siblings that she'd rather not mention but everything's going to change. When her dad gets offered a job in rural Canada, Mallory has to pack up the bikinis and get out the wooly jumpers which is something she's never had to do. How will she manage this transition?


19. Look Ahead To The Future

1 year later...

Mallory had been in college almost a year and was loving every minute of it. Shed gave  birth to her and Logan's daughter, Paislee Camden on 23rd July and she was approaching her first birthday. She was born weeks before they were due to begin UCLA so they both had extra weeks of tp bond with Paislee. They had an apartment near Logan's parents in Malibu so they could take Paislee and they would be home to her by 6pm.

Logan proposed on Paislee's 5 months birthday and they were planning to get married when they completed college, had a steady job and when Paislee was a few years old and Logan was fast on track to achieving his dream of being a sport teacher or a personal trainer and Mallory as a fashion designer and store owner. 

Mallory returmed to California by her parents sides, as David was moved back to LA and they wanted to see their grandchild more than once every other month or so. Madelyn was halfway through her college courses and her daughter was almost 2 and Neveyah was living in New York with her now fiance, planning her wedding which was in a few months.

​Mallory had been through a lot recently but she didn't regret a lot and was happy she decided to have he child, as she didn't hate parenthood as much as she thought. 

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