City Chick to Country Gal

Mallory Mayhew. LA City girl. She has the perfect life living in the suburbs of Beverley Hills with her business man dad, fashion store chain owner mom and a few siblings that she'd rather not mention but everything's going to change. When her dad gets offered a job in rural Canada, Mallory has to pack up the bikinis and get out the wooly jumpers which is something she's never had to do. How will she manage this transition?


13. Home Is Where I Want To Be

Mallory arrived home in her new friend Kayla's car, marking her 4th week at Vancouver Heights. She had made friends with all of Lauren's friends so: Kayla, Annie, Savanna, Adalynn, Callie, Ebony, Hadley, Heidi and Kelsi, all of whom who were as immaculate as her friends back home, the friends she missed more than anything.

"So have you been enjoying school here?" Caroline asked during dinner. "It's been ok actually. I've made a ton of friends but I just miss everyone and everything from back home." Mallory explained. "Well the friends I've met are lovely girls, that Savanna's mom is a lovely woman." Caroline said. "Well how about you and I head back to LA in the break so you can see everyone, help me work in the Beverley Hills store, shop til we drop?" Caroline said, Mallory's face lighting up. "Yes mom! I need to see Ash and the girls and have a catchy up! Oh my god mom thank you!" Mallory squealed, bursting with excitement to tell Ashleigh over skype she was coming home. 

Mallory didn't actually go home when Madelyn left with Aubrey as she was visiting her parents friends, John and Beth who had just had a baby and lived over in Calgary so they had to fly as it's a 10 hour drive so they stayed from Thursday to Sunday but she could finally go home again. 

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