City Chick to Country Gal

Mallory Mayhew. LA City girl. She has the perfect life living in the suburbs of Beverley Hills with her business man dad, fashion store chain owner mom and a few siblings that she'd rather not mention but everything's going to change. When her dad gets offered a job in rural Canada, Mallory has to pack up the bikinis and get out the wooly jumpers which is something she's never had to do. How will she manage this transition?


12. First Day Already Forgotton?

It was Mallory's first day at the private school in Vancouver, Vancouver Heights and she wasn't exactly jumping for joy. She was wearing her Hollister plain tshirt and hoodie, J Brand jeans, black Loubouton heels and was carrying a new Michael Kors bag. Her hair was in a fishtail braid and her makeup fully down, but she had to accessorise her outfit with the DKNY parka. 

She ate her breakfast, brushed her teeth and then left in her dad's new Canadian number plate Lexus that was the only thing she liked so far. They got to the school and there was a teacher waiting outside for Mallory's 'tour and introduction' of the school. 

She said bye to her father and walked over to the teacher who's name was Miss Appleton. She had long, blond curls and had pretty nice designer clothes. She introduced herself and then began the tour. After she'd seen most of the large white classes and handed I her information at the office, she was taken to her first class: thankfully textile design. 

She was placed next to another blond girl, Lauren who was dressed head to toe in Hollister, had her blond hair in a bun and her makeup plastered over her face. "Hey I'm Lauren Rivers." She said in a vaguely american accent (yes some of the Canadians had a different accent). "Mallory Mayhew." She said, looking at the dress Lauren was sewing and writing notes on. "Nice dress." Mallory said, getting out her designs book. "Thanks. My mom helped, she's a designer." Lauren said. "No! My moms a designer to! She owns stores all round the US. Her brands CM Designs but her stores are called Venice Beach Aparel." Mallory said. "I bought loads of her stuff when I was out at home in California!" Lauren squealed. "I'm from California to!" Mallory squealed. "Oh my god! Hey wanna be friends? I know your new but you seem great!" Lauren said. "Yea sure! You sound great and my mom will love you!" Mallory said. And that was the day she didn't want to forget as much as she did before. 

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