My Adventure


2. The Car

As I woke up the following morning I got ready and out the door I left for another day of school. As I took a step out of the door,and started walking down the driveway when a car pulled up in front of me. I didn't know who it was so I just ignored it and walked away.

A few moments later the car followed slowly behind. I started to panic but I didn't show it. I was walking really fast at this point but the car was still catching up with me. My heart racing and swear dripping from my head I started to run. Faster than I've ever ran before. Scared to look back,I took a quick glance and the car was no further than a meter away from me.

At this point,I thought it would be a good idea to ring someone. I took out my phone and dialled my mums phone number. No answer. I kept ringing,but with no answer I gave up. I ran a different way,the opposite way from my school.

I couldn't run any longer,but I tried. Running as fast as I could,my things kept falling out of my bag but I didn't stop to get them. All these questions was running through my head. Who we're they? What did they want with me? How did they know me?

I slowly stopped,but the car didn't. It beeped,a signal for me to stop running. I slowed down and I couldn't run any further. I was still walking when the car came towards me and handed me a note. It read:

'You don't know us,but we know you. Be at the park tonight at 6pm. If not there will be trouble'

I screwed the note up and put it in my pocket. 'It must be the girls at school messing with me' I thought. But I was still worried...

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