My Adventure


6. Plane

I was so happy I couldn't believe it! Me,a average 14 year old girl,on tour with 5sos!

We went to the lady at the checkout and asked if it could be possible to get another ticket for the flight.

'Your in luck,there's one seat left' A lady said. Luke smiled at me 'That okay?' he asked. 'Thats fine' I replied.

'Wait,what about clothes and food and money?' I asked Luke.

'Its fine,I'll take you shopping when we get there,and I'll buy you food' He smiled.

'Thank you so much' I replied,smiling back.

'Don't mention it' Luke answered.

As we bordered the plane,I thought of my mum&dad and how much they'd miss me. 'You ready?' Luke asked,holding out his hand for me. I took his hand 'Yup' I smiled.

We took our seats. I was in between Luke and Ashton,and Calum and Michael was at the other side. I smiled at Luke,and he smiled back. 'How longs the flight?' I asked him.

'8 hours' He replied.

"8 hours? wow! what should I do for 8 hours?" I thought.

I soon fell asleep.

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