My Adventure


3. Break

All day,the thoughts of that note circled my brain. At break time I went into the toilets and pulled out the note and started reading it.

It got snatched out my hand and I tried getting it back,only when I realised who took it. Lexi. There's no way to describe her except evil.

'Whats this supposed to be then?' She asked

'Give me it back' I said,trying to snatch it back.

'DON'T snatch off of me' she growled. 'Who's this from then?' She continued 'Or have you made it yourself' All of the other girls laughed at her comment.

'I got given it' I said,still trying to get it.

'By who?' She asked,smacking my hand away.

'No one for you' I replied.

I got my piece of paper back and walked out,slamming the door behind me.

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